Does Religion Have a Place in Inpatient Addiction Programs?

When someone is researching an inpatient rehab program, there are many aspects to consider. Location and price should certainly be taken into account. Somewhere tropical and that caters to your every whim would be wonderful, but it would not be realistic to pick a facility that was too expensive to attend or too distant to get to. Another consideration is whether you want a facility to incorporate religion into its addiction program.

AA uses religion to help its members recover from their addictions. Those of faith can overcome difficult times with their beliefs. It is known that some people become addicted due to a sense of emptiness. Strengthening one’s own spiritual foundation can assist in the recovery of drug, alcohol or behavioral addictions. Those in religious-based inpatient addiction programs will be with others of the same beliefs and outlooks. This minimizes the feelings of being different than others and gives a sense of camaraderie.

Of course, to those who do not believe in a supreme being, these religion based centers will not be a good fit for them. It is an essential part of recovery for and addict to feel comfortable during treatment. Having someone who does not believe in a higher power sitting in a group using this as the basis for discussion is not going to make that person join in and participate, thus potentially limiting his recovery. Choosing a non-secular based facility would be a better fit for these people.

The choice is simple. Research the facility and the foundation of its treatment, and chose the one that will be the best fit for you.


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