To go to a therapist or not?

Based on what I’ve read, I think most of you will say yes, do it.
I never have.
I live in a smaller town.
How did everyone out there go about finding one you like?
What good or bad experiences did you have that would be helpful to know of, or lookout for?
How long do you see one before you figure out if they’re helping?
I’m very uncertain, and appreciate any input.
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  • @SalTheGalFromCal... I highly recommend seeing a therapist. It was suggested to me for years, but I kind of wrote it off because I was skeptical. I thought to myself, How could talking to someone about my problems help me? But I finally reached a point in my life where I was desperate and was willing to try anything.

    I just asked friends and relatives for recommendations and gave the folks they recommended a try. I went to a couple different therapists before I found one that I clicked with. I always tell people that finding a good therapist is like finding a good mate. You don't always hit it off with the first person you date, right? The same goes for therapists!

    I think it probably took me a month or so (4 sessions) before I could tell that the therapy was helping me. And it continued to help me for years. I honestly believe that my therapist saved me from crashing and burning in my life. And for that I am forever grateful.

    Give it a shot. After all, what have you got to lose???
  • Hi @SalTheGalFromCal
    I have been in and out of therapy since childhood. At first it was forced on us, through Social Services & it was uncomfortable but once I felt comfortable I was able to open up and it helped. Also I must mention my father is a psychologist and step mom is psychiatric nurse so as I got older I was analyzed and expected to open up.
    I also have seeked help through counsellors & psychologists when I was deep in my depression after my bf passed and when I was raped. I didn’t go as long as I should have tho which is probably why I still try to deal with my anxiety and emotional pain through drug abuse.

    A few sessions in I recognized they really wanted to help and by my opening up, helped me feel validated & I began healing.

    They are sworn to keep your sessions private and honestly I would highly recommend it and try not to let the size of your town deter you.

  • @SalTheGalFromCal Yes! Definitely GO! Everyone needs to dump their shit on someone. I found mine through our health insurance, it's only $25/copay, which works because I usually go once a month (could prob go more but meh). Good luck! If you feel good, empowered, HEARD, understood and just like a huge relief has been lifted after an appointment (or any of these) then it's working. Good luck to you! Keep us posted! :)
  • @WinoMama... Thank you for telling it like it is:

    "Everyone needs to dump their shit on someone."

    That is sooooo true! And it made me LOL! :D
  • @SalTheGalFromCal Absolutely.... go.

    Ask around if you want for referrals, and check online. I did some research and read through their bios and looked at web page. I was after a certain kind (spiritually minded, alternative methods, etc.)... and was fortunate to find a great one.

    I was sort of in crisis mode when I went the first time. It took couple sessions for me to feel better. I liked having the place to feel heard, be gut level honest, and process.

    Just know it's ok if you don't feel you "fit"... like dean said, check around.

    i tend to think there should be government funded (haha) therapy centers in each town in the country. FREE. ok, ok, maybe a sliding scale, but very affordable...

    we all need some help sometimes... from someone impartial, trained, able to listen and help...


    here's a link to counselor finder... might be of help
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