It's Weekend Motivation Mojo Time!

Hey everyone! Happy weekend!! I hope ya'll had a good week and your weekend goes well. If you're struggling, reach out!!

Feel free to spread some motivation mojo here! A quote, song, thoughts, etc.

So happy to be journeying with everyone here.

Have a blessed day!
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  • It’s Friday! Great spring day here. Kids carnival this evening and yard work on the horizon! Enjoy the weekend and stay sober while you’re at it! B)
  • @HulkZmash hey there! yes, enjoy the carnival and quality time with the family!

    i hope everyone gets some sunshine!

    know that we are here if you're struggling and need to share.

    happy weekend!
  • I’ll make through this evening, but a super strong drink sounds awfully enticing right about now. 6:30pm in festive evening spring Friday....dang.

    This summer is gonna be hard
  • @HulkZmash happy sunday!!

    maybe the summer will be easy ;)
  • Hi @dominica & @HulkZmash
    Had a good weekend with my fam! Super nice weather for a couple days (24•C Fri & 27•C Sat). Went and saw the new Avengers movie tonight & got some work on my tattoo done. Day 3 almost over and headed into day 4. Going back home in the a.m but have a first date with a new guy tomorrow night so should be a breeze to get through :)
    Hope everyone else had a good, clean, sober weekend!
  • So happy you had a nice weekend with your family, @blueorchid! Yay!!!

    @HulkZmash... You got this. I know you do. All summer long!
  • @blueorchid hey there! glad you had a good weekend! tattoo..... cool!

    congrats on your sobriety thus far. YOU ARE DOING THIS!!

    hope your date went well!
  • @blueorchid... What kind of tattoo do you have? Just curious. When I was younger, I never in a million years thought I'd ever get a tattoo. Now I have 5. Nothing fancy. But still. ;)
  • I have a few @DeanD
    The one I got more work done to is my Phoenix. We are redoing the original and so far it’s only about half way outlined so lots more to do... it will be a full back piece with the tail feathers ending on my glute.
    When my bf passed over a decade ago, I got it as a part memorial and partly symbolic (rebirth of new life). I also have a turtle, cherry blossoms & a koala :smile:
  • @blueorchid i love the phoenix! i bet it's gorgeous!!!
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