Not addiction but ritualized compulsive comfort-seeking

Interesting read. There’s also a link to the ACE score, says more than 1100/1200 (92%) had a score of 3 or more. My score is 6
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  • @blueorchid wow, what a fantastic article!!! thank you for sharing!

    i only read a few minutes, as i'm still trying to wake up lol. but i've bookmarked to study later... so many good links too. the studies do indicate childhood trauma is a big factor in addiction... not always, but often. one reason i am a big advocate on counseling or other forms of emotional healing.

    again, thanks for sharing!
  • @dominica No problem! I think it was a good read as I am now embracing as much info I can from literature because if I can understand the «why? » then it makes it easier to learn how to change the things I want to change. It also helps me to understand a bit better my coping strategies. It took me until 3 years ago to learn about Trauma Bonding and now knowing about it can help me avoid those types of relationships.
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