How People Are Using Instagram To Inspire Their Recoveries

Addiction and recovery are certainly topics that are still leaning towards the taboo side and associated with some stigma. But the progression even over just the last 10 years towards awareness and acceptance is astounding. In fact, people all over the world are turning towards social media to connect and inspire their recoveries and gain the support they need to stay sober.

From gaining friends in far away places to looking up to those who may be further ahead of you in their own journey of sobriety, people are using Instagram to inspire their recoveries. Following Instagram accounts is helpful in so many ways. Getting new ideas for life style changes, finding out about things you never even knew you had an interest in, and being fascinated with beautiful pictures is enough for anyone to keep up and motivate their own recoveries.

Just like within your peer support groups and meetings, there is something to be said for all the people you may end up helping when it may not even be your first intention when joining the #soberlife movement. Here’s some tips and tricks for getting your motivation and inspiration from Instagram.

Try new things

Try following users who represent lifestyles you might be interested in. Your typical cat/dog pages are definitely good for the feel-goods, but learning about new things like traveling, hiking, biking, or power-lifting could be the inspiration to find your new passion.

Get supported

While you're following and showing love on other people’s pages who inspire you, you’ll start gaining your own set of followers who’ll show you the same love and support.

Don’t forget to document your own journey

When you document your own journey, the love and support you give to others gives room for people to be inspired by you and be able to support you right back. People love positivity! Watching someone else grow along their own journey is so helpful formany reasons, so make sure to give and take all that you need!

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