Social Anxiety Only in Certain Situations

Thanks for this post, and all the comments.

I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience to me. I have just done an online self-test for social anxiety. I couldn't complete it. It differs drastically in different situations.

I have always been told I'm a 'people's person'. I have absolutely no problem meeting new people and interacting with strangers, as well as most friends. I backpacked for 3 months, alone. I worked on superyachts for 5 years. I studied PR and Marketing. I was in all the school plays etc... My anxiety comes around close family, mostly when with them around other people I know.

I remember asking my parents not to attend my school plays and sports matches, as I had more confidence when they weren't there (I'm 28 now by the way).

My parents split when I was 5. I don't remember it ever being traumatic though. They are still happy to go for a lunch together with me now... It's me that gets super anxious about it. I also don't like attending family events. I don't like them asking how I'm doing. Why???

Has anyone experienced anything like this???
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  • @itShouldBeSoSimple hello and welcome. thanks for sharing. i've not experienced this, but i know others who have.... it could be that desire for unconditional love from a parent, that we are so afraid we won't get... or that we'll do something "wrong" or that "we" are wrong.... but sometimes that is a projection of a lack of self-acceptance and love that we project onto our parents or those closest to us.

    but that is simply my opinion, as i'm no expert :)

    is this something you could maybe go deeper with in therapy?
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