Tips for Finding the Right Treatment Center

If your own life has become hardly recognizable or so far from where you ever saw yourself, it’s probably time to get some help. But, that’s completely OK. The fact is, if you’re thinking about addiction treatment, then you’re headed in the right direction. Overcoming addiction begins with just the sliver of a thought that your life could one day be different from the way you’re living it now.

Try not to think about how incomprehensible that idea is, because the truth is, it very well could be right around the corner for you. You never know. Here are some tips for choosing the right treatment center to get your journey started.


Did you know that you can get an assessment long before you go to a treatment center? Whether you choose to go to your primary care physician, get a referral to a substance use specialist or even just go to a community mental health center, you should get an assessment. You could find out the underlying cause for addiction or you could find out just a little bit more information that would help you locate the right center that is best for your circumstance and possible diagnosis.


When you’ve come up with a list of facilities that might be within your range of possibilities (consider location, programs offered, cost/insurance) you should then do some more research into each of those facilities. Find out whether they specifically have the resources you need to get better. If you’ve gotten the previously mentioned assessment, you might even have a diagnosis to ask about specified treatment or how well staff has worked with patients like you.


Find out whether the facilities you’re looking at believe in or use medication. Some do, and some do not. Whether you’re interested in medication for detox and/or treatment, this could help you decide if the center is right for you and fits your need.

Finding the right center doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, there are probably multiple centers that suit your needs so don’t be too hard on yourself about this decision. What’s important is that you get the help you need, and you’re already headed in the right direction. Good Luck!

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  • Thanks for sharing this information. I also think getting feedback from people who have gone through a treatment center's program is a great help in finding a facility that's a good fit.
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