Having fun sober?

So.... over 60 days sober here after 18 years of alchoholism. I have been staying pretty low key but I am itching for some FUN! Oh man, FUN used to be my specialty. I know it sounds bad, but soberiety is kind of boring. I love to read, I practice yoga, I have hobbies... but miss fun. The positives effects sobriety have had on my life are amazing, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trade it for all the fun in the world. I think i am ready to add some fun back in. We have a sitter tomorrow night and I think we may go out on the town and watch the hockey game. (Go Bolts!) I am feeling strong enough to go to a sports bar and stay sober. I am ready to take this sobriety thing to the next level. I’ll let you all know how it goes!
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  • @Orlean81... So happy to hear that you're over 60 days sober! Thats FANTASTIC! Big congrats to you!

    I get what you're saying about having fun. And being sober doesn't mean you can't have fun. In fact, I like to tell people that being clean and sober is only as dull as boring as you make it. ;)
    I think you can do pretty much anything sober that you used to do when you were drinking and still have fun. (Except, of course, the actual drinking part!)

    Have a great weekend, my friend. And I'll second your "GO BOLTS!" cheer. I live in the Detroit area and Steve Yzerman is a legend here. Would love to see the Lightning get to the Stanley Cup Finals and win it all!
  • thanks @DeanD-I appreciate you. I have been hiding out during early recovery and I am ready to get back out there! Have an awesome Saturday and YES, Go Bolts!
  • Hey there @Orlean81! Awesome! I know you had a great time out and about. It’s good to feel strong enough to WANT to go out and see what’s shakin’ without worrying about it posing a formidable challenge to your sobriety!

  • @Orlean81 hey there! congrats to you!! that's awesome you've got some sobriety under your belt and life is going well.

    i think we all can relate to that "fun" thing.... but like dean said, you can do all those fun things you used to do sober ;) but yeah, getting out and enjoying life in various ways... EXPERIENCING life... and those things that really bring us joy - that's the way to go!

    there's a recovery group out west that has this free gym and activities for those in recovery... b/c they believe we need to replace that drinking/drugging with some "fun" activities... and well, exercise can be helpful too. they hike, bike, lift, run, and hang out all in the name of sobriety and fun....

    go have your fun, and celebrate LIFE. :)
  • Hey @Orlean81! Good to see your post and hear from you! I totally relate. I’m sure you’re still Ms Fun. Just different.
  • @Orlean81 Sorry I missed the initial post, family back in town and what not.

    How did the game go? How was it?

    I'll echo what @SalTheGalFromCal said; you are probably still Ms. Fun, just different. Is it really fun to be that "woooooo girl"? Or the one that everyone says gets a little too loud, or clingy, or mouthy, or emotional, or some other stereotypical drunk reaction that we are all guilty of from time to time? Is the life of the party the one that people are laughing at, or with? Is peeing in a public place, like the side of a wall or behind a car (I know I've been there...) really the best way to cap the night?

    Different is the key attitude. It is totally expected that the same things you did while drinking are now boring. I mean, is darts really that captivating? I'd spend hours watching the same youtube music video while drunk; now I am good with one pass through. If you are finding life boring or that you are missing "fun", that is just the signal to try new or different things. Maybe even something you never considered before. Stopping drinking shouldn't be seen as the death of all the activities you love, but more of the beginning of the trial period for new activities, some of which will probably be better than anything that was "fun" while trying not to puke on someone.
  • Hey everyone, glad to hear from all of you @leaker, @SalTheGalFromCal @dominica -well, I went out on the town to watch the game (we won). I think it was a little too soon to hit up the sports bar scene
  • (Sorry l-my previous message cut off)
    I think going out on the town was a little too stressful at this point in my journey. I actually seriously contemplated just having a few, omg
  • But, I survived the night with Dr Pepper! Pretty funny story... the bartender about 30 Mins in sat a margarita in front of me ank asked if I wanted it bc she made it wrong and otherwise she was just going to throw it out. Ha! That’s what I deserve
  • So needless to say... I will be watching game 7 tomorrow night from my
  • @Orlean81 sounds to me like it was actually the perfect time for you hit up the sports bar. You were tempted in several different ways, including with a freebe, and yet you stayed strong. The first couple times one goes back to traditional drinking spots, I think it is normal to be a little stressful.

    For me, it is always stressful going to bars, and even restaurants. When I order my "coke" or "just a coke", I have to watch the bartenders carefully to make sure they didn't hear "run and coke" or "_______ and coke". I've had to make a few of them start over as they try and pour something else in the glass. Maybe I should take your example and switch to the Dr Pepper. I have never heard of a good drink mixed with Dr Pepper, it is usually a desperation mixer after 4+ other drinks and the coke is gone...
  • @Orlean81... LET’S GO BOLTS!!!
  • You’re getting some good practice with resisting temptation, @Orlean81. Not easy. You’re doing good.
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