Ibuprofen or Aspirin for Philippines wife tours

I’m flying in a few months to the Philippines and I need to carry an anti-inflammatory medication with me. It’s for the random pain in my right hand. I’m still under therapy for it and when the pain gets intolerable, the only solution is to take pain relievers like ibuprofen and aspirin. I don’t know if the Philippines is strict about selling pills to foreign men. I know it’s an over-the-counter drug but I still want to be sure since I’ll be in a foreign soil. I’ll be bringing about a bottle, small in size, in case my right hand gives me a problem again while I’m in the Philippine wife tours that I’ll be tagging along. I’m asking now so I can ask my doctor to prescribe me the specific medicine instead of the other one.
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  • Hi @ygiovanni welcome. How long are you going for? Why would you need a prescription for Ibuprofen & aspirin? Why not just buy a larger bottle of both and put in your checked baggage?
  • About 2-3 weeks. I'm not sure about how it works in the Philippines but I do know that for some stronger drugs, prescriptions are needed. I still have a few left with me and I was thinking of buying more when I arrive in the PH.
  • I would think you should get your scripts refilled before you go but make sure they are in correct prescription bottles.
  • @ygiovanni i agree with @blueorchid that you should take your meds with you. that way you'll already have them and won't have to worry about having them filled there.

    enjoy the Philippines!
  • It's the Philippines in 2018, not 1840. There's plenty of Advil at every corner drug store. Of all the things to sweat, this shouldn't be one of them. Over-the-counter medication is as easy to get there as most countries.
  • I think I agree with @JoshuaShea on this one.
  • If you are just needing over the counter, yes i also agree with Joshua... however the fact you mentioned a prescription made me think u weren’t only talking about over-the-counter..?
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