Great Article About Legalizing Marijuana & Potential Dangers

This piece from The Washington Post,written by a professor of psychology and neuroscience who is a practicing neuroscientist, is a terrific read. In a nutshell, it says that we can't ignore the dangers of marijuana use in the midst of legalizing it. This passage sums things up nicely:

"Still, I’m not against legalization. I simply object to the astounding lack of skepticism about pot in our current debate. Whether or not to legalize weed is the wrong question. The right one is: How will growing use of delta-9-THC affect individuals and communities?"

Here's a link to the entire article:

Pot Holes: Legalizing Marijuana Is Fine. But Don't Ignore the Science on Its Dangers

Give it a read and then let us know your thoughts.
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  • @DeanD it sure is a great article. love that a neuroscientist wrote it, and it has some great points. it's just too bad it can't be regulated better, just like any drug. teens can get their hands on anything - pot included... and though i think it may be better than alcohol, both have no business being in the hands of our youth.
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