replacing pop/soda caffeine with similar boost??

long story short, I grew up on soda caffeine (not knowing the sugar was so bad for us etc) and it essentially assisted carving out my personality. I'm not LOST without it, but I do notice I am not my "normal" self without it. I did a bunch of research and learned to drink tea that has caffeine in it as a replcement, but that doesn't really get me to where I feel normal again. KINDA helps, but is just a mellower feeling. I have dumped all caffeine for long bouts of time - CAN beat the addiction - but the simple fact is, I am not myself REALLY, when not using it.

Is there ANY OTHER THING out there, better than TEA, to get some caffeine jolts without the soda sugar caffeine? I fear there isn't but maybe some here have some ideas. I hate coffee, so that is out. :)

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  • My suggestion is to wean off the caffeine and go without it. I drank caffeinated soda for about 20 years. Then I decided I would try and get off of it. I decreased my intake gradually over a month or so, and that was that. I am no longer dependent on it. And I have an occasional caffeinated beverage without any repercussions.
  • I've done the weening - seriously - multiple times. It was easy and stayed off just fine for years. Issue is, it is not who I am, and I haven't been able to reproduce my persona without it. Maybe my question is the wrong direction on this website. :)
  • Your question was fine, @wwjdx. I was just offering you what I think would be the best solution. If that's not what you wanna do, that's perfectly fine. That said, I don't know of any other beverages that might do the trick for you. Although, I do think there's caffeinated water out there. And maybe some of those "5 Hour Energy" drinks are sugar-free. Not sure.

    I hope my earlier response didn't offend you. That was not my intent at all.

    Maybe other folks will have some better ideas for you. :)
  • oh no, no offense at all. :) I understand your helpful idea, for sure. But, I'm asking something kind of odd. Did a pinch more research... the Dr Pepper I had this morning - and I feel the best I have in months because of it - has 68mg of caffeine (approx of course), and the Tea I settled on has 66mg, but it must be a different kind. Oddly, after many tests, observastions about me, I actually like the hyped up feel of caffeine and nothing else has worked: not exercise, not sleep, not other beverages. Am I addicted? Kinda... but it LITEREALLY carved my personality from childhood into adulthood. I hate saying that, but I know me, and it is TRUE. Trying to deal with this... the healthier tea replacement just isnt cutting it, and I gave that 3 full years. I had also eliminated ALL sugars for a month completely successfully, no fall out, no headaches, didn't miss it... I don't think I am the "ADDICTED" type, but growing up on caffeine (again, wasn't my choice, we didnt know stuff was bad) I've become a certain person, and I am not me without it for too long. People even notice it and say things like, "Man, how can you always be so ON, and chipper, and get things done??" There ya go. :smiley:
  • @wwjdx hey there. i think it's great you want to get off caffeine...or the tea anyway.... i'm not understanding how you don't feel yourself though once you've weaned off. you feel sad? or just lack of energy?

    i'd venture to learn about natural ways to give yourself an endorphin boost. or a confidence boost.

    if you can't seem to reproduce your persona, perhaps consider Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.... and work at changing the thoughts underlying emotions and behavior. a good therapist should be able to help you with that....

    you believe you can't reproduce your persona, but that belief is just a thought that you keep thinking, and we are able to target and change thoughts :)

    make sense?

    just my opinion.
  • oh, and i find kombucha a great alternative drink..... it's carbonated, and has a distinct taste... i prefer the ginger.
  • thanks, dominica for your advice. everything is appreciated! :) not trying to get off it, just trying to find an equal that might be healthier. Tea was the best I could come up with, but it is not the same. My persona is kind of a "rock star", figuratively and literally. I do music, films, an action life of motorcycle racing, sky diving, and such, and can be a little over the top to some people... but it is who I am, and I enjoy my life. With caffeine or not, I'm chock full of confidence, but am over 50 now, so maybe the pace and not feeling as energetic is the real issue here. I'll check out some more alternative drinks, never heard of Kombucha - butb cost and availability are deciding factors as well. Thanks for the tips!
  • PS I'm here asking because I did a GOOGLE for CAFFEINE FORUM and this popped up first, and though, okay, why not. :)
  • @wwjdx I can't tell you how to get off caffeine...I've never been able to, but I will tell you that for years, a lot of people attributed my hyperactivity, energy, need for lack of sleep to caffeine. It turned out to be actual mania. Once I got that under control with meds, it was clear while the caffeine was a pick-me-up, it wasn't the thing that really ran the steam ship that was my personality. Not saying it's the same for you, but it could be something more than the go-go juice.
  • @wwjdx... What about just taking caffeine tablets? Just a thought.
  • Thanks for sharing about that, Joshua, much appreciated. I just like the extra alertness and focus. Could do without the occasional headaches... the tea was much better about the headaches :smiley:
  • Dean, I didnt even know those existed. I'll check it out. Great info, thanks.
  • @wwjdx you sound like you have quite a busy lifestyle! :)

    i hope you find what you are looking for...and that it's a healthy alternative!!

    kombucha is a fermented drink with supposed health's a tea though... so not sure if that is what you'd want..and i am not sure about caffeine level.

  • Hi @wwjdx
    Curious, is it for sure the caffeine and not a combination of that plus corn syrop/refined sugar? I had a 3-4+ habit of Pepsi for a whole summer when I was 12, and I think it was both, but who knows.
    I also know sometimes I now crave the carbonation as @dominica mentioned, so that can sometimes be fixed with either Perrier or Smart Water (flavoured or not) carbonated drinks... other times I need the rush and I drink Amp Energy Drinks (blue can, I think it’s berry flavour). Have you ever tried the pops with cane sugar instead? Same caffeine but less “unhealthy” sugar?
    Hopefully you discover something that works for you :smile:
  • Most of you know I'm a geek about research...I just read that it would take only 50-100 cups of coffee (depending on your weight) for a lethal dose of caffeine, and if you were to have caffeine in it's pure powdered form, a teaspoon would kill you. "Crazy stuff," he says, taking a sip from his second Monster of the day.
  • How much is a lethal dose @JoshuaShea ? Just looking at my Amp energy drink:
    160 mg caffeine
    3 mg Taurine
    3 mg Guarana Seed Extraxt
    3 mg Panax Ginseng Root Extract
    59 g sugar

    That’s definitely not good for me, but better than the alternative :wink:
  • 1 milligram is equal to .0002 tsps. So, 160 mg would be .032 tsp. So what is that, about 34-35 drinks for average weight person? Theoretically though, someone half your weight would only need half that, which is doable over not a long period of time.
  • @JoshuaShea... "Only" 50-100 cups of coffee??? That's a lot of coffee! Also, FWIW... Energy drinks scare the hell out of me.
  • I suspose/suspect sugar could have something to do with it. I've found a sparking mineral water that has fizz to tide me over at night... it's only ingredents are water and natural flavor from whole foods, so that is cool for LESS soda crap. And tried TEJAVA black as caffeine replacement -- 66mg a day of that doesn't have the same effect of 66 from pop, so assuming sugar also adds something in. HAve not tried any pills yet - VIVARIN seems like the way to go there, but not big on pill popping everyday for a lift, even though soda might as well be the same thing but with too much sugar in it! I tried some ROCKSTAR Energy something last year, but that made me TOO jittery and tweaked, so none of that. :)

    Thanks for all the feedback. Interesting, and informative reading.
  • @wwjdx it is an interesting topic! glad you're finding healthier options :)
  • @wwjdx... As far as naturally flavored sparkling waters go, I love LaCroix and Spindrift. If you haven't tried either of those, I highly recommend them.
  • going to try doubling up on the TEA. will get 132mg of caffeine in 32 oz, equal to two sodas, or about 1 cup of coffee. AND tea has healthy benefits compared to soda or pills.
  • Sounds like a plan, @wwjdx. Let us know how it goes.
  • not to milk my weird post, but soda does work better for me. darn it. the tea made me "alert", but the soda made me alert, alive, on top, and creative. I'm a creative type, and when I am not on top, I'm not coming up with new ideas as much.
    Soda made my blood feel like it was surging through me, I felt my arms, legs, fingers all happening. Wasn't quite at a JITTERY state, maybe just below that and comfortable. It's a mode I grew up on, guess it's best for me to stick with it.
    Thanks for all your input, gals and guys!
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