Finding Positivity in Borderline Personality Disorder

It’s becoming widespread knowledge that just because people are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder doesn’t mean they’re just cast offs with a mental illness. They’re people just like you and I, with hopes and dreams, they work hard to achieve goals, and they suffer through and survive with their illness much like other people do with other illnesses.

People who are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder are perceptive, they boast intuition, and they’re emotionally intense, sensitive to what others are feeling. Yes, it’s true, these same traits can be held in a duller light and are often given a bad spin but when you think about it, there’s much positivity to be seen.

A diagnosis of borderline personality disorder doesn’t mean that you or a loved one is innately, “bad.” It doesn’t mean you’re broken or less worthy of love, kindness, compassion, or less deserving of healthy relationships. It just means you were born with a unique set of gifts that are sometimes tough to deal with.

The worst part is that being a person with borderline personality disorder, the chances are high that you’ve been misdiagnosed. You’ve tried medications that weren’t suited for you, that weren’t even for the right illness and that certainly didn’t leave you without a slough of side effects that were almost just as bad if not more uncomfortable as your original symptoms.

Think about it this way, a diagnosis doesn’t make or break you. It’s just a confirmation that you have a specified group of symptoms. According to the World Health Organization, “it’s simply a limit in a person’s capacity to regulate emotions.”

But if you choose to take your diagnosis and define it instead of letting it define you, you’ll be just as successful as anyone else in this world. Remember, be the positive change in this situation that you want to see for everyone else with the same diagnosis as you.

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  • I think there are positives that can be found in a lot of mental health issues. I know ADHD is the same way. It doesn't hurt to take a negative and reframe it to find some positivity, that's for sure.
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