Retreats to Help Heal That Won’t Break the Bank

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking some time off to set work and life aside for a few days to help rebalance your mind and body, especially when you’re dealing with the symptoms of PTSD. Of course, you can’t just take off work any time you want and spend thousands on a retreat, even if it does promise to promote healing and change in your life for the better. Sometimes, there’s no way around that though and you feel you can’t get the healing you need without breaking the bank or going into debt.

If all you need is a little solitude to get your mind right, check out these respites and retreats.

Rowe Camp and Conference Center

This place has been around since 1924, this magical and cherished place in Rowe, Massachusetts offers spiritual nurturance, love, community, education, and relaxation. Mid-week stays can be found for $20-$50 a night. If you want to eat dinner with the rest of the guests, you’ll be expected to help clean up and guests are welcome to barter services in place of all or part of their fees for staying!

Still Point Retreat Center

Nestled into Stillwater, New York, you’ll be staying in small cabins tucked into the woods. Depending on whether you bring your own food, you can expect to pay $55-$65 per night and experience a holistic approach to wellness that incorporates both eastern and western philosophy. If you’re looking for peace, solitude, and restoration, this is the place for you.

The Mandorla Center

For a full range of wellness to enhance your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, this little slice of heaven offers a range of workshops and employs a full-time board-certified counselor always. Costs can vary between guests bringing their own food or eating food provided, whether they are participating in a silent retreat or group retreat, each guests needs are taken into consideration when determining costs. Staying in the lodge, tucked away into the woods, surrounded by rolling mountains is just the place for you to take back your healing journey.

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