Why is kratom legal?

There's a lot of talk about Kratom lately.... some are loving it, saying it helps them with pain or helping them wean off opioids....

Others are dead against it saying now they are addicted to it!!

Just read an article about it... I am wondering why this "opioid" is legal in some states, being sold in shops? It's labeled a dietary supplement in head shops and tobacco shops.

What are your thoughts? Have you used kratom? Do you think it should be legal?

Whats The Deal With Kratom?

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  • I first read about Kratom here, on the forums. Someone had come on saying they were addicted. I was trying to deal with no Tramadol or Opiods, so I tried it. Yes, there was a moment of relief for me, I felt the euphoria a bit. 5 to 7 hours?! I think not! Honestly, it was too much trouble and not worth the help. I was pretty much off pills by then.
    On one hand, I'm glad it was available for me to try during my time of stress and change, coming off pills. I was trying other herbal supplements, but, in my minds eye, I knew I didn't want to live taking ANYTHING. Kratom may be helpful to people suffering and needing something to wean with. With no insurance and no real extra money to go to a facility, among other reasons, people suffering just might can use it as a tool. Do I think it should be legal? Man, that's a hard question for me. I can, in good conscience say YES. Opiod withdrawal is horrible! So many of us are going through it at home, alone...we need all the help we can get, on our on, if that's our route. Is it dangerous? Well, I'm sure it could be. So was the ipecac I took for years suffering from an eating disorder...

    Thanks for the forum/topic @Dominica! Gave me pause for thought!
  • @Goodtr8s thank you for your honest opinion. i'm glad you think it helped you in getting off opioids... i'm interested in hearing from others who became addicted to kratom too..... but as with any drug, some become addicted and others don't, so not sure what factors may come into play regarding this topic...

    so glad you were able to get free from opioid addiction! <3
  • You're right @Dominica. There will be people who abuse and get addicted to just about anything that takes them out of their pain, stress, depression.
    But, IF Kratom can help...
    I'm anxious to hear from others, as well. I only tried it a couple times. It was just more trouble than it was worth to me.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience/insight, @Goodtr8s.

    As far as whether or not kratom should be legal... I think there needs to be more research done before we deem it safe enough to be legalized.
  • @DeanD! What an wonderful and informative read! It answered many of my questions pertaining to the origins of the business of Kratom. I'd pretty much researched just WHAT kind of plant it is and it's beginnings in medicines.
    I've stated before that I didn't continue buying it because, 1) I was pretty much off pills by that time. I was "good to go"
    2) It was just too much trouble (measuring the powder; eating the nasty stuff; washing it down with something; getting past a gag reflex; etc) LOL!

    I NEVER want to go through opiod withdrawals again. However, I AM of an addictive personality and can not say NEVER WILL. Kratom may not seem like so much trouble should I become desperate again to quit...
    I'm kinda glad there are warriors fighting to keep it available.
  • I'm glad to hear you found that article helpful, @Goodtr8s. I thought it was pretty educational.
  • I have struggled with substance abuse since I was about 14 or 15. Around the age of 19 I had become a full blown alcoholic. I was able to overcome that addiction but still struggled with other types of substance abuse off and on. At age 22 my started my fight with prescription opioids. Although I have never overdosed or done anything illegal to get the pills it has kept me from moving forward with my life especially the past 2 years. I finally have had enough and for the first time fully admitted to myself that I had become an addicted to opioids. My family nor my friends know that I have been struggling with this addiction. After I quit drinking it took years to earn back there trust and respect back so I do not want them to ever find out about this so I used kratom to get through the withdrawal symptoms and still continue to use it due to chronic back pain. (how my addiction to opioids began) I only have about 3 weeks clean now but have zero desire to use opioids again. I have always abused one substance or another since my teens to "have fun" so I know I will have to work at abstaining from using any substance. That is why I joined this forum (today actually) because I can't be open with my family. From my alcohol use I know that I will have them in my life less if they knew and they're my main support group if they know it or not. My mental health issues with depression, anxiety, and bipolar have been the main driving cause of my substance abuse but about 6 months ago I truly accepted that is just a part of who I am and got on the correct medication. It has given me so much clarity and now finally the want to live a good and sober life. I'm working on the things I need to change one day at a time and this forum has given me some tools to use so I can be successful.
  • I'm glad you found the forums, @DarkSideJedi! It's a great place to express yourself, and a safe place to look for feedback without judgment. Your story is important and while others may have some of the same experiences, it is still YOUR story here!
    3 weeks clean of opioids is fabulous! Congratulations!
    I too have that addictive "head space" when it comes to using substances, therefore, I really have to abstain. I'm functional when I use, and that doesn't help! My family has very high expectations and like you, I depend on them for acceptance.
    So, again, welcome to the forums and I pray the "good and sober life" is yours from this day, forward! B)
  • @DarkSideJedi hello and welcome! so glad you're here and congrats on your clean time! 3 weeks is fabulous!!

    this is a great place to journey with others in similar situations... feel free to come back and post anytime. you're not alone in your recovery and we're def pulling for you!!

  • Welcome to the community, @DarkSideJedi. I'm so happy to hear that you've been off opioids for 3 weeks. That's a wonderful accomplishment and you should be super proud of yourself. I'm glad the kratom helped you. One question: Are you at all concerned with becoming addicted to the kratom?
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