Looking Back at Past Comments...Just how far I've come

I've been reading some of the original feedback, as well as, my original words as I faced tribulations of recovery...
This is only ONE, from my many good friends here on the Forums, that encouraged me at only 42 days! Even after a short relapse in March, I feel confident in my recovery, and the direction my life has taken since I'VE been in control...

Thanks, @Leaker.
"Congrats on the milestone! You've made it this far, that means you have a lot of experience with beating the monster. It's also ~1,008 hours, or ~60,480 minutes. No matter how you choose to measure it, it is a victory to be proud of.

Just remember that that opioid calm is artificial. It clouds your judgement and prevents you from addressing the actual issues in your life. Not to mention all the other negative effects (or is it affects?) of the drug. Certainly you are better off without it!

BTW, it's, effects. LOL!
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  • @Goodtr8s ahhh, that's awesome! you have come so far and have encouraged many here in the forum.

    i appreciate you and honor your journey..the ups, the downs, all of it :)
  • It can be so revealing to go back in time and examine where we were at a certain point, can't it @Goodtr8s? You've come soooooo far! And I'm incredibly proud of you!! Keep doing what you're doing, my friend!! :)
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