Why Do Certain People Become Addicts?

If there was a clear cut answer to this question, someone would’ve found a cure or a way to avoid it entirely. The reason for an addiction is as individual as the person who becomes the addict. Many times loved ones will feel if they had just done something to intervene, the addiction wouldn’t have happened. Maybe they could have seen something early on and stopped it from happening. So we continue to wonder, why does someone become an addict?

First, it’s important to realize that no one wants to be addicted to drugs. It’s not a choice that someone consciously makes. It’s important not to blame the person who became addicted. It’s a disease like cancer or heart disease. They didn’t choose this. Although there is no one reason for addiction, there are several factors that play a part in the addiction.

If you are an addict, and have a family member that has been addicted to a substance, it may be genetic. Certain ethnicities, mental disorders or physical conditions may contribute to addiction. The environment is a factor to addiction. Peer pressure to experiment may be overwhelming. Social status and stress play a part in addiction. And the developmental stage of a person can determine addiction risk. The younger someone is when they start experimenting with a substance, the higher the chance of addiction is.

Alcohol and drug addiction are treatable. When the addict is ready to become sober, the best treatment is an inpatient treatment facility where their access to outside temptations is restricted.


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  • There are various reasons why people become addicts, but the main reason I think is that they want to shut the world out for a minute and make a temporary scape from reality and over time they become addicted... Also, it has been found that addiction is somehow related to genetics as well, that being said, potential addicts could be detected as early as their childhood therefore parents could prevent it.
  • I think this question is impossible to answer. The important questions is as to why the individual becomes an addict and how this can be undone. It is different for every person and every substance that is abused. Broad generalisations can cause the user to feel disenfranchised or misunderstood.
  • There are a lot of factors to take into consideration.  One is genetics, another is socioeconomic status as well as how an individual is raised.  I do believe the former plays a huge role because there are many people who grow up in similar conditions yet one may become an addict while the other goes on to become successful.
  • I think that some people are predisposed to being addicts, like a helpless baby who is born into this world already addicted to a drug.  For the rest of us, there are a myriad of factors at play, just as is written here.  Once an addict wants to quit, they have to acknowledge their triggers, get help, and be diligent in the recovery process.
  • I'm glad you provided some clarity on this issue, it's a question that I hear many people ask so often. As you pointed out, there is usually a variety of circumstances, situations and influences which may surround a person who becomes addicted to a substance. I have seen families where many of the members of that family have been brought up as though snorting a line of cocaine was as normal as having a cup of tea and that, of course, definitely has an influential effect on people brought up in those environments. They tend to go on to become cocaine users also and also act as though it's a normal thing.

    This then ties in with genetic influences; many scientists now believe that genetic memories can indeed be passed on through generations. The only thing I don't completely agree with is the statement that no-one wants to be an addict. I have also known people who went on to develop addictions because they found it appealing and glamorous, often due to the way it has been depicted in movies.
  • As you say, certain people have a predisposition to getting addicted to drugs or alcohol because it runs in their family lines. I am one of those people. My parents are both alcoholics, and I got addicted to alcohol when I was 16. I was exposed to alcohol and nicotine since I can remember. It was something completely normal to me. A "fact" of life.
    People get addicted to substances for all kinds of reasons. Some like to numb their pain with it, others suffer from peer group tensions, and then there are those who are shy and introverted and who need some stimulant to be able to communicate better with others, and so on.
    In the end, all that counts is that one gets an overall perspective on what is causing the addiction, and to put one's life back in order again.
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