Don’t Be Afraid of Rehab!

Fear can be paralyzing, it’s a big emotion with strong roots in our minds. If we let it, it can keep us from doing almost anything – from making decisions to trying new things. The biggest thing it can keep us from when we’re stuck in a cycle of addiction is getting help.

I guess, fear can mean many things when the prospect of addiction comes up – fear of admitting there’s a problem, fear of getting help, fear of failing, and just a general fear about what will happen at rehab.

You should just go ahead and toss that thought right out the window! Okay, easier said than done, but seriously. If you’ve been thinking about getting help and breaking the cycle of addiction, don’t let fear hold you back now!

There’s nothing that’s so bad about rehab – we promise. Think about where your addiction has taken you in the last 30 days. Possibly into some rough neighborhoods, hanging around people you probably wouldn’t bring home to meet your family – who knows what else.

Now, think about rehab… There is no way that the next 30, 60, or even 90+ days in rehab is going to take you into any of the situations you just experienced in the passed 30, 60, or 90 days that you’ve been dealing with addiction – right?

Think about it this way – it’s a small commitment with perks. You’ll have at the very least, decent living arrangements, three square meals a day, possibly around the clock or partial day care, and a community of other people trying to get better just like you.

That’s not so bad, is it? So, you’ll have to put in some work, go to therapy sessions and peer support groups and maybe dig a little deeper within yourself to get where you need to mentally, physically, and emotionally to start preparing for life after addiction. We believe you can do it, so you should believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of rehab!

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  • For anyone who hasn't been to rehab before, it can be scary. After all, you're going to a strange place for an extended period of time in order to stop doing something you're very used to doing. Change of any kind is hard; and this is major change. So the fear is real. But try to see past that and look at the benefits that going to treatment can bring to you. I think most people would agree that the pros far outweigh the cons.
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