Finding Inspiration in Recovery

Inspiration in recovery is crucial from the first leap into detox and treatment all the way through a life time later. Recovery is full of ups and downs, in the beginning it can be scary to jump into recovery, not knowing what lies ahead. But most people do it because they know that with a little bit of hard work, commitment and dedication, something better lies ahead than what’s being left behind.

It’s important for each and every person in recovery to spend time thinking and reflecting on what inspires them. Don’t forget that the biggest difference between motivation and inspiration is finding the will to do something you don’t want to do (motivation) versus finding the will to do something you do want to do (inspiration).

It’s actually nothing short of amazing the things that people can do, overcome, and accomplish when they become inspired. But, you can’t just expect inspiration to float on your way and give you magical powers! You have to go and experience things, push past your comfort zone and find out just what inspires you. You’ll be thankful you did!

Here’s some benefits you’ll reap when you take the time to become inspired:

- You’ll start achieving things you never even though possible before!

- Becoming inspired often gives people an edge up on handling tough situations, set-backs, and even failure. Knowing what you’re working passionately towards will help you pick up the pieces, dust off and keep moving in the right direction.

- Change is hard to embrace, accept, and run with. When you become inspired, change comes more easily, it’s warmly welcomed and it’s the torch that lights the way down uncharted paths!

Are you feeling ready to get inspired yet? If you’re in recovery and you’ve made it through some ups and downs, tell us what inspired you and share how it’s kept you going throughout your time in recovery!

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