How to change your addictive personality: A guide

People pursue pleasures from an outside source in an unconscious attempt to run away, to not face reality. They have pain buried deep inside and they want to cover it up.

There's no escape from whatever pain you have inside. It'll come up when you're weakest. When you're sick, stressed out, tired. They will make you toss and turn at night, and cause nightmares. The poor sleep will worsen your state even more.

Deal with your pain while you're at your best. Try to find tensions in your mind and body, and relax them. They are attempts to resist the manifestation of whatever is inside of you.

Observe whatever is present. Feel your bodily sensations. Watch your thoughts as they unfold. Look at the shapes, colors, and textures of things surrounding you, how things move. Listen to the sounds that occur.

External pleasures do not bring happiness. Each external pleasure provides an up and a down, no matter how mild. Instead of spending spare money on things that do not bring fulfillment, one should give it to people who need it.

Desire is not your enemy. It's a normal part of life. You need to learn to live with it, rather than try to get rid of it. Getting what you want temporarily extinguishes desire, and so, it's a wasted oppurtunity to adapt to it.

On the other hand, if you observe the state of craving instead of trying to run away from it, then you will learn how it works, and grow from it. Desire is an oppurtunity for spiritual growth.

Doing this correctly should not require much, if any willpower. You aren't trying to force anything. You want to become more aware of your inner workings. To learn for the sake of learning.

Try to be aware during every waking moment. Don't lose any more time to sleepwalking and zombie-like reward-seeking in your life. It's time to start living wholesomely, and open your eyes to the world and yourself.
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