Weight Issues

I weigh 210 pounds... 210! And my height is 5'2". I am HIGHLY overweight. I used to do sports. But ever since I gained it has been hard. Are there any techniques to slowly get motivated again? To lose weight accordingly? My goal is to lose weight modernly so I wont gain it back. I'm hoping to create a Blessing with my husband. Hopefully soon :)
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  • @PaPeFa hey there. thanks for reaching out. i think it helps a lot to get face-to-face help. maybe a coach that can help motivate and help you create a plan for weight loss. might find one at a fitness center or simply ask around.... there are plenty of motivational videos on youtube too. watch one or two daily... (or more).

    find a workout buddy or weight loss buddy.

    join weight watchers and go to meetings in your area (if you have them)

    journal what you eat each day. keep tabs..work on decreasing junk and adding the good.

    keep educating yourself on the topic.

    keep posting here.

    love yourself so big along your journey. i know it can get frustrating... but change is a process and takes time, AND you're amazing right where you are ;)

    know we are rooting for you!
  • @PaPeFa... Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing with us. I'm sorry that you're struggling with a weight problem, but I think @dominica has given you some fabulous advice. I would add that there are also Overeaters Anonymous (OA) meetings in case eating too much is partly to blame for your weight issues. OA has in-person meetings and online/phone meetings. You can find more info about those here:


    Just start taking steps in the right direction. Don't try to lose too much weight or exercise too much. Maybe just start out with a walk or bike ride around the block, then slowly increase the distance/speed. It would probably be a good idea to consult your doctor, too. That's always a good idea when starting an exercise program or trying to lose weight. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Good for you for wanting to improve yourself! We're here to help and support you any way we can. :)
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