On suboxone would like your suboxone stories

I am on suboxone 1/2 three times a day. It has saved my life. My husband does not know that im on it and we lead a super busy life. It keeps me going and feeling completely normal. Really thankful for this drug.
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  • I'm happy to hear that Suboxone is helping you, @Secretaddiction. How long have you been taking it? Just curious.
  • @Secretaddiction Hello there and welcome! Thank you for reaching out! I'm super glad that you're taking Suboxone and it's helping you. I'm sure it feels good to be making progress in your recovery. Know that we're here for you to support and encourage you however we can!
  • Hi @Secretaddiction So glad to hear that this has helped you! Would love to hear more about your progress!
  • Ive been on it about 5 years. I do plan to continue with it. I am very weak minded when it comes to opiates. I feel if I would try to get off id go right back to opiates. It has definitely saved my life for sure!! I have no time to be going through withdraws either with how busy our lives are so its been great not to have to worry about that.
  • @DeanD I am addicted to opiates and the rehab that wants to take me wants to do an 8 day wean with suboxone and being a previous methadone user that scares me even more. Should I cold turkey from 10 or so norcos a day or spend the money and do the suboxone treatment? We already paid for a successful Rapid Drug Detox in March and I don’t know which road to go on.
  • @Soulsurvivor81... If you're asking my opinion, I would go with the 8-day wean with Suboxone. Going cold turkey will likely come with very nasty withdrawal symptoms. And it can be dangerous, too. I'm always in favor of detoxing under a doctor's supervision. It helps lessen the withdrawal and keeps you safe. That's my two cents.
  • @Soulsurvivor81,
    I'm going to agree with @DeanD on this one. Although most people will tell you that going through withdrawl from opiates is not life threatening, that you only THINK you are about to die, I disagree. No one really knows YOUR health or how YOUR body may react. Drugs are hard on the body. Being under the supervision of medical personnel who can monitor and assist if needed is a much more wise decision. Besides, it offers some relief. Why not give yourself a break? You've be been through Hell.

    Another point I would like to make is that the occurrence of relapse is significantly higher in cold turkey attempts. In our personal story, our son tried over and over and OVER to do it on his own and just couldn't get past day five at the most, usually caving at 3 days. The guilt and disappointment he felt was horrible. He was also doing a number on his body! Cycling through chills, sweats, restless legs, diarrhea, sleeplessness, not to mention the mental anguish left him exhausted, dehydrated, immune compromised and feeling hopeless. Completely not necessary or helpful.

    He decided to try the suboxone method. It is working well for him. It took some tweaking in the beginning to get dosage and frequency right. About one week after starting them he was thrilled for the first time since he couldnt even remember to not be thinking about a little blue pill! He has since tapered down to one film a day and is maintaining that while he works on some other aspects of his situation to promote his recovery and help insure he doesn't relapse as easily if at all.

    Of course, this is just my opinion, our story. In the end, it is your personal journey and you have to decide what you are comfortable with. We are all here to support you any way we can. No choice is the wrong choice...even if it isn't successful. You get up and try again!

    You got this! You can do it!
  • @RaisingCain Thank you so much for that input! Some really good insight and advice there. I'm glad that your son is doing better and really appreciate you sharing yours and his journey here in the Forum.

    @Soulsurvivor81 Let us know how you're doing and if you decided what you're going to do moving forward. And just know that we're here for you!
  • an 8 day wean sounds really scary, I got on the suboxone as no one but my mom knows I had an opiate addiction. You may need to be on it longer than 8 days. I mean only 8 days on, it will still be in your body then you will withdraw from that. In my situation suboxone saved my life. I lost my brother the same month I was put on it and to be honest if I wouldnt have made that decision id probably be dead today trying to cope with the loss of my brother and my dad only 5 months apart with an opiate addiction. I am no where in a position to wean off as my husband and kids do not know and I lead an extremly busy life. It is hard having to be secretive but my life is saved so im ok with it. I do plan to be on it indefinatly as I am doing so good and dont want to mess that up. I am very grateful for this medication and my doctor who has been amazing through my situation!! Best wishes to all of you in this journey
  • @Secretaddiction hey there. good to hear from you. i'm glad you are doing so well...and yes, dealing with two deaths in the family i'm sure was quite challenging. i'm so sorry for your loss.

    thank you for sharing your story and insight!!
  • My condolences to you on the loss of your brother and father, @Secretaddiction. I can't imagine the grief that has caused you. And I'm glad the Suboxone is helping you. It can be a lifesaver for a lot of people, that's for sure.

    Sending you love, light, encouragement, and hope. Thanks for sharing.
  • thanks, yes dealing with grief while going through addiction was terrifing. Their anniversary dates are still extremly hard. Life has been crazy, my husband who doesnt know about this is leaving his job of 18 years to open a resturant so I am still trying to figure out how I will get to my appointments and because of that change I am also losing my insurance. So new crap to deal with, seems it never stops with the stress of life. Just thankful for my suboxone so I have no worries about going back to opiates!
  • I hope you can get through the crap you have to deal with with minimal trouble, @Secretaddiction. I wish the healthcare mess in this country would get fixed. It's so unfair that we always have to jump through hoops and deal with red tape when the person with the insurance switches jobs.

    Keep taking good care of yourself, my friend. And I hope the restaurant thing goes well. I've always wanted to start a restaurant, but I don't have the $$ (or guts) to try it! Best of luck to your husband!!!
  • @Secretaddiction hi there. sorry about the new life struggles. i hope the restaurant does very well!! and that you can get to your appts.

    no going back!! that's good news!

    thanks for the update. I'll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes!
  • Thanks all of you. Life has been pretty hectic with the restaurant, starting a new church working full time and kids in ball. Im taking it one day at a time otherwise id go nuts haha!!!
  • How is treatment going for you guys? I'm doing well, I'm so super busy so just so thankful that I have this medication. I'm on a dose that I am comfortable with. Not ready to decrease just yet, maybe when life slows a little. I am a smoker though since age 13 and I need to quit so so bad. Just got the patches so I plan to attempt that. I feel I am so weak minded when it comes to addictions. Otherwise I am a super strong person, there isnt much that will knock me down. If only I could get ahold of my mind! Praying for all of you as we go through this journey. Still so thankful for this medication, I would not be where I am today without it for sure!!! I also have an amazing doctor and that helps tremendously beings I have to hide this. He is definitely the most understanding doctor I've ever had for sure!!! Good luck to you all, let me know how it's going and any feedback!!
  • Hows treatment going for all of you? I have switched to suboxone pills a few months ago due to money issues. I have gained weight and my hair seems to be coming out more. Have any of you experienced this? Any side effects
    of the pills?
  • Hows treatment going for all of you? I'm still dealing with weight gain and new issues of super bad insomnia. My doctor is going to decrease me to 1 a day in January. I tried taking just 1 for a few days and it wasn't fin at all. It's amazing the difference a half makes. I felt myself having withdraws so I just went back to my 1 and a half. Dont know how I will do this come January. Been super depressed about all of this.
  • Hey everyone, back for another update. My doctor is planning to cut me down to 1 a day starting in January. I have been attempting to prepare for this. I took 1 a day for 3 days, it's been a nightmare. I have herniated dics and bulging discs in my back and the pain was unbearable for those 3 days, I was also beginning to withdraw. I really dont know how I am going to do this. Really afraid that I will relapse or just do pain management again. I was told in the past I need back surgery. The subs help my pain enough for me to function. I dont know what to do and have been so depressed about this. I cannot be in this pain everyday, and I started subs to get off of pain medication. Now I feel like I'm going in circles.
  • Hi, just giving updates, this last month has been crazy to say the least. I had tried going down to 1 a day and I had so many issues. My doctor was very understanding and is going to leave me on 1.5 a day. I am so blessed to be going through this and have such a great doctor. He has been great since day 1, always so understanding of what his patients are going through. I am going through another loss, I lost my uncle to cancer at only age 58. Just making it one day at a time.
  • Hey just checking in. How are you all doing? I've been okay, working literally everyday . Meds are working good. Still experiencing weight gain since switching to the pills which sucks. I really wish I could afford to go back to the strips, but I can barely afford my doctor visit. Finances have been rough. Life is just a crazy ride. Hope you all have a great day!
  • @Secretaddiction Glad to hear you're hanging in there. The moderators are no longer on the site and it has been pretty quiet with no more than a post here and there. Sad everyone seemed to just disappear and are no longer coming to support others after receiving help themselves. I still check out the site and it would probably help alot if we even got a notification when someone posted. I don't get them anymore for whatever reason. Even if someone did post to me. My son was on Suboxone for a good while and to be honest with you, I hated it. It seemed to be just as addicting as the opiates were. Thank goodness all that is behind him now. I'm glad it is helping you. Just hang in there. Some day you might have to suffer through lowering your dose it getting off of it completely. There are other alternatives I believe. Hope you are having a good day and get notified of this post??
  • Here we are in March, already! Time is definitely flying. I've been doing okay besides some depression from all this weight gain since starting the suboxone pills. It doesn't stop and I hardly eat. I just don't understand. I would much rather be on the strips but finances are so rough. My visit would have to go down to around 150 for me to afford strips. Life is so hard I wish I would have never become an addict ughhh...
  • Just hang in there. The weight gain is probably making you feel more depressed for sure, but I would recommend excercise at least 3 days a week. Perhaps walking, or even jogging a bit. It may jumpstart your metabolism.
  • Hi to all, how is everyone holding up during this nightmare of a pandemic? This is all so scary!! I've been doing okay on my dosage, still gaining weight for no apparent reason. I am a nurse and I do private duty nursing where I'm in the home for 12 hours. There is no way my patient can fight this virus so between me and my coworker we will be quarantined with her to help prevent her from catching it. Its spreading pretty fast in my home town. You guys stay safe, try not to get down and depressed. It's so hard not to. Our finances are way down with all of this which is so depressing but I'm trying to be strong.
  • That sounds like a tough job @Secretaddiction! You're right, this is some scary stuff. It feels so surreal and like we're living in a strange dream. I think we are all having a hard time with it in many different ways. The husband is usually getting busy at work by now but not now with the Coronavirus. Money is definitely tight. Glad to hear you are doing o.k. Stay safe!
  • Hey everyone, hows it going? I'm doing okay, had a rough last couple of weeks with relationship issues. I came really close to wanting to give up on everything but I pushed though and I'm okay. Not fully but better. I definitely don't want to take the wrong road again so I'm pushing one day at a time!
  • Hey @Secretaddiction . Glad to hear you are pushing through instead of going down the wrong road. That would definitely be a big mistake. Relationship problems are hard for sure, but there is no use causing yourself more problems because of course then you have even more to deal with besides the relationship problem. It wouldn't make any sense to do something that is going to make life more difficult than it already might be. That is never the answer under any circumstances. Shit isn't always great, but we just have to deal with life. The good and the bad. Giving up or relying on a substance surely isn't going to make anything better. It's a given your situation will get worse. So keep hanging in there and know that everything will be ok. in the end. You can do it!
    So I am just hanging out at home, trying to deal with the Coronavirus situation. We are on stay at home orders where I live, so I have been keeping busy with household cleaning, reading books, doing puzzles, and more cooking than I usually did. I guess it hasn't been too bad. I'm thinking of it as taking a little break and living a slower pace of life for the time being. My suggestion to you would be that if you are feeling bad or stressed, find something to do that you enjoy to occupy your mind and relax until you are feeling better. Hope you are having a good day.
  • @tiredmom thanks so much for your response. I'm a healthcare worker and a business owner so unfortunately I cant take a break :( I am planning to take atleast a week off soon though. I need it mentally. Life has been so crazy along with the stuff of this world. I switched to suboxone tablets over a year ago and have gained 20 pounds and lately I just feel disgusted. So ready to feel like me again. My dosing is going good though, I'm good right where I'm at. Hope you have a great day!
  • Hi all, hope everyone is doing good. I'm doing okay still battling this weight issue. Our 2 year old ac unit went out. Seems like it's always something but I'm holding up. Everything is going good with my meds though so that's a plus. Hope you all have a great day.
  • Hey everyone hope all is well. I'm doing okay, lots of stress with life stuff. I'll make it though, taking it 1 day at a time has helped so much. My dads birthday just passed and I've been kind of down cause I miss him so much. Meds are going good. I'm at a comfortable dose, thank goodness for this medication or I'm sure I would have went back to opioids. It has truly been a savior. Hope you all have a great week!
  • Hey everyone hope all is well with how crazy the world has been! I've been okay, pretty stressed. We had a hurricane last month and I have some damage. My mother who isn't healthy got covid and it attacked her lungs, we almost lost her. That was so scary for me and my family. Business has been slower with covid. Its just been a mess. Im doing good with my dose and its definitely a help from relapse during all this stress. Hope all is well with you guys!
  • Hey guys hope all is well. Life has been super crazy for me. I am always soooo busy. We had 2 hurricanes and damage and had to leave our home. Finally just got it fixed. My son returned from army boot camp this week so thats exciting. I've been having alot of headaches, not sure if its stress. Still doing good on my suboxone. Dreading the holidays though not having my dad and brother here.
  • Hey everyone hope you are all having a good start to the new year. It's been rough the holidays are always hard without my dad and brother, I'm still trying to get back right since holidays. Life has been crazy seems all I do is work. Very thankful for suboxone and getting through hard times with no relapse. It does help that I have my mom to help counsel me. Im doing great on my dose and want to leave it as is. Our country is a mess and I hate to see all of this but all we can do is pray!!
  • Good evening everyone! Hope all is well. I've been okay besides a little depression over this year long weight gain? I'm thinking of maybe asking my doctor for something to help lose weight. Do any of you take anything that can be taken with suboxone? On a good note im flying out this week to spend time with my grandbabies so for that im excited! Im still doing great on my med. Thank goodness for that. Definitely keeps the cravings away along with my super busy life
  • Good morning I hope everyone's recovery is going well. Im doing good. I am definitely always busy with my business and full time job. My biggest issue is the weight gain and I've been having tons of headaches but otherwise I'm good. Thankful that I also have my mom to talk to when it gets hard. Good luck to all of you on this journey.
  • Good morning hope all is well with everyone. I've been doing ok. Just got back from seeing my nerves that I haven't seen in 8 years. It was amazing. But right before leaving i think my husband found my suboxone bottle. He hasn't said anything but has been acting different. My anxiety is definitely through the roof. Hope all is well with you all.
  • Saw you haven’t had any replies but glad you keep posting… this forum really helped me during some dark times. Just wanted to say hello and that I believe in you.
  • Thanks for the response blueorchid, hope your doing well. Everything is going ok busy as always. My husband never said anything about my meds and I think he saw the bottle again. I just don't have anywhere else to keep it. We leave for vacation tomorrow so looking forward to that and a break. I am continuing to do well on my medication and dose.
  • Hey everyone!! Hope all is well. I've been doing okay. My husband never did mention anything about my meds, thank goodness. Still been a little down in the dumps about my weight gain. I think its premenapause. I recently got insurance through healthcare.gov so will be seeing about hormones once my coverage starts!! My current dosing is going great and I plan to stay on it.
  • Thank you for this post. I am close to giving up hope for my addicted son? He appears to be worse. I know he's been on methadone twice and relapsed. I hope suboxone is available here if he comes to the point he wants to try again. Anyway thank you.
    Where is everyone?
  • @scandoit I hope he decides to try suboxone, it truly saved my life. So I've been doing okay super busy but whats new, life is a Rollercoaster for me. Still dealing with weight gain ughh. On a good note I got health insurance assistance through the government and my plan pays pretty good for my suboxone. Still doing great on my dose!!
  • Hi @scandoit
    I hope your son makes the choice to try recovery again.. I can’t imagine how tough it is… I know some people who had great success with methadone, and others who did not… same goes for suboxone… I really hope he decides to get clean one day… addiction sucks and isn’t fair. Thinking of you!

    Hi @Secretaddiction
    Glad your husband didn’t say anything… where he didn’t see them or he chose not to say anything. Congrats on getting the health insurance coverage, and glad to hear you’re doing well with your prescription.
    I can totally relate to the struggle with weight gain. I discovered when I purchase new clothes, if I go up a size, not only do look better, but I feel better too… I pushed through the insecurities and discomfort of looking at the sizing and it actually helped… not sure if you may find that helpful too? Also, once I switched to bring plant-based, I found myself a lot more aware and that awareness has also helped too.:. Of course though, hormones and other factors definitely can be the cause and I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with this.

    Sending you both so much love!
  • @blueorchid I Definitely thing the weight gain is hormones. Im pretty sure I'm in menopause or premenapause. Or it is from having an ovary and tube removed a couple years ago. Everything is still good with the husband. We have been so super busy its crazy. Can't keep workers at our restaurant so I work and help there. We are also preparing for lots of events and trips for the holidays including one this month really soon. Thank goodness for my suboxone it keeps me from back sliding for sure. It has literally been a life saver for me.
  • Good morning guys! So I went to a gyno appt and hormones are fine. Not in menopause. So now I have no clue whats causing the weight gain. On another note we go to Texas next week to see my grandbabies. Im so excited. Still doing great on my suboxone dose.
  • Hey guys hope all is well! Ice been good just crazy busy as usual. We moved my 2nd son into the dorms for college yesterday. I do have a question for you guys, I have always had migraines and headaches it runs bad in my family. Upon some research I'm seeing that the naxalone in the suboxone can cause headaches to be worse which they have been since I started this treatment. Are any of you on subutex which is suboxone with out the naxalone and do you get heacaches?
  • Hey there @Secretaddiction
    Been a couple months but so happy to see your posts and updates. Glad things are still going well with the hubby and congrats on the 2nd son going into the dorms and hope you had a lovely holiday season with the grand babies.
    Although I am not on Sub I looked it up and it does say headaches are common side effect from the buprenorphine in the Suboxone. It recommends Aspirin taken with water but also ensuring you are drinking enough water too.
    I drink about 2-4 cups of lemon water upon waking… I never realized how dehydrated I was until I began that as part of my morning routine.

    I met a guy! Not sure where things will go as it’s still quite early… we’ve seen each other 5 times so far. I feel so grateful to be clean off most drugs… I do still consume some cannabis (usually only half a gummy which is 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD. I find it isn’t so much that I feel too intoxicated from it but it does help me wind down and sleep. I also have recently used dilaudid… which I know can really put me back into pretty serious opiate dependence again, so I’m going to make an effort to stop them too… the new guy doesn’t do any drugs and I would feel devastated if I sabotaged the chance of a really amazing relationship because I’m an addict.
    I know it’s a coping mechanism, get them before they get you… do things that sabotage the relationship before he gets a chance to see the real me :neutral:
    I’m making an effort to release old habits and thought patterns. Even though I’m not clean, being off stimulants feels good and I’m confident I will stop these shortly too.
    It’s my birthday in 10 days too! :blush:
  • @blueorchid thanks for the reply. Good luck with your new relationship and Happy Birthday!!! I've been doing research also and I really think the naxalone in the subs are causing my headaches. Whatever it is definitely sucks. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary ❤ We were supposed to go on a trip this past weekend but with all the ice storms we had to cancel it. Hopefully we can go next month! We definitely need a break as we are always soooo super busy. Im burnt out lol.
  • Good morning hope all is well. I've been okay. On March 23rd my son got in a single car accident and had to be air lifted thank god he is okay. He sustained a severe concussion and is recovering from that slowly. Its definitely a call no parent wants to get. I've kind of been in a depression from it but it is getting better. Hope all of you are doing well!!
  • Good morning everyone hope all is well. Im good just crazy busy. My son graduates this month and between work, my restaurant, and church life is just hectic. I've been kind of having some work issues and I am a bit stuck on what to do. So praying on that situation right now. Hope you all have a great day!
  • Good morning everyone, @Secretaddiction hello and thanks for the reply! Things didn’t work out with that guy I was dating but I’m okay with it… I have dated a couple guys since but atm I’m not seeing anyone. I currently am fostering a dog who is such a sweet soul. I didn’t think I could ever foster cuz it would be too hard, but he had no where to go… so when I was asked by the rescue organization, I agreed to take him in.
    So sorry to read about your son and glad he was okay. That definitely must have felt so hard for you.. how are you feeling now? How is your depression?
    Did you figure things out with work?
    I can relate… I’ve been struggling with things at my job too, so I ended up sending my resume to another company and had an interview. The positions I wanted were no longer available when I applied so if I don’t get a call back for the ones that are still open, they will keep my resume on file and I believe I will receive a call when the timing is right. I hope you were able to come up with a solution for whatever it was that was bothering you.

    Yesterday was the anniversary of my late bf going into hospital where he stayed 11 days in a coma until he passed… I would think after 16 years it would feel easier… I feel grateful having a a dog companion right now so I don’t feel so lonely and sad, but if the lady who come tomorrow to meet him works out, he may be leaving before the death anniversary… I fear it will feel really hard being alone if he does get adopted… this year is hitting me harder than other past years.

    I did have some wine tonight (or I mean last night I guess since it’s early morning), only two small glasses, and stayed away from other things I may have turned to in the past, so I guess that’s a win. I just can’t sleep and need to rest before he needs to go out for a pee.

    Anyway, hope you’re doing alright @Secretaddiction
  • Hi @scandoit hope you’re doing well… I know it’s been quite a few months since you have been on here. Hope you are doing well. How is your son? Have you learned to set healthy boundaries with him? Hope you are doing okay.
  • Thanks for the reply. My son is doing great thank god. Im getting our last 2 boys ready for college in August. With work i cut down my hours cause we are just so busy and it has definitely helped. Been dealing with lots of back pain lately, I do have 2 herniated discs and I think their getting worse. I have some huge dental procedures coming up that I am so very terrified of. Everything is going ok worh my meds.
  • Hey everyone hope all is well. I have been having a ton of migraines. When I think about it, I've had more since being on suboxone treatment. I did some research and I am seeing alot that the naxalone can cause headaches and migraines. Has this happened with any of you? Maybe I can ask my doctor to try the suboxone that doesn't have naxalone. Im probably spelling that wrong. I didn't even know they made one without it!!
  • Hi @Secretaddiction Sorry I haven't been on in a while again. I used to come on here daily... My mom passed July 20th so I am struggling so much. I wish more people used this forum... I tried calling an emergency line and no one answered. I don't mean I'm going to take my life, but I don't know how to live without my mom.

    Sorry to hear you have been having some bad migraines. Are you able to get off Suboxone? I tried searching and it seems like Saboxone is a mixture of Naloxone (aka Narcan) and Buprenorphine. I wonder if there is something else you could take instead? I believe it used to not contain it, but they added the Naloxone to help counter the misuse of Saboxone. There is something similar called Zubsolv... but it seems it contains the same ingredients as Saboxone. From what I can find,Saboxone, methadone and maltrexon are the main drugs to help with opioid addiction... wonder if either of the other two could be helpful for you?

    Did you have your dental work done? does your dentist know you are on Suboxone? I hope it went okay if you had it already. Hope you are doing okay. Sending you lots of love. Hope you are doing better than me.
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