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With permission, here is the conversation with a friend on who is busy with kids at home, settling, just moved into a new home, and is pregnant!

GoodTr8s July 29
Hey there, Lady! I'd like to hear how things are going? Is your journey going as you'd like? Have there been bumps (not baby bumps! lol!) in the road? Continuing clean? Relapsed? How is your pregnancy going? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet? I pray things are going the way YOU want! Taking care of YOU, so you can care for others.
Thinking of you today as the month comes to an end...

ShayShay88: July 30
Hey how are you. Everything is still goin smooth on my end besides the everyday aches and pains from being 6 months pregnant lol. We found out we’re having another little girl and I completely can’t wait for November so I can have my body back. Of course there are still moments where I think takin a pain med would make this or that so much easier but have not jumped ship and won’t. I’m hanging on and making it one day at a time!! Thanks for caring it means the world!!

Goodtr8 July 30
What an awesome reply! Thanks for taking the time and giving me the effort it took! A girl! Congrats!
You are a hero in my eyes for abstaining during this crucial time! It is my prayer that you continue to grow in recovery, even after she comes! You've come a long way, girl!
*can I share with dominica and those that your are doing well?*

ShayShay88 8:55AM
Of course I appreciate everyone’s support and the want to stay updated. You guys were the strength I didn’t have, the missing piece to my puzzle and the fact that even after you make it through the roughest part the support is still there is Amazing thanks so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️
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  • This is wonderful!!!! Thank you for sharing. It is truly a blessing to me as well to have found so many caring people that give me strength!
  • @Goodtr8s Hey there! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am so glad that she is doing well, and grateful that you continue to reach out to her to give her some support. I think it's wonderful that complete strangers can band together and be there for one another to inspire, motivate, and offer unconditional love.

    What a great group of people this community is made up of! Thank you again for sharing and I hope that you are doing well my dear!
  • This made my day, @Goodtr8s. Thanks so much for sharing...and caring! There are so many wonderful people here at this forum. I am grateful for every single one of you. I'm sending positive energy to @ShayShay88 and her little-girl-in-progress. And lots of love to everyone in this amazing community! <3
  • ONE thing that kept me checking back in and that keeps me coming to the forums, is the recurring "no-judgment" element that seems to be in almost EVERY response, EVERY piece of advice, EACH empathetic statement or support tool offered here. And, what a true statement @dominica makes about complete strangers coming together, offering this unconditional love, it IS awesome.
    I wanted you all to know how this friend is doing, to let you know she still struggles and just what kinds of influence we all have on each other!
    You are so very welcome, @DeanD and @Drained!
    Keep up the super work, @ShayShay88, and everyone else here! The struggle is are the rewards!
  • Thanks for those kind words, @Goodtr8s. I like to consider this forum a "no-judgment zone." I think that's super important for all the people who come here. And I want you to know how thrilled I am to have you here as a part of this community. Thanks for being you! :)
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