Finding a Deeper Meaning to Life

When you think about recovery, you’re probably thinking about detox, treatment programs, and therapy. A lot of people forget to think about the importance of their spiritual journey in recovery, here’s why it’s important.


Spirituality can bring purpose to your life and it doesn’t have to be in a religious aspect. Many people are religious and consider their religion their spiritual life but there’s a great deal of people who have separate spiritual lives from that of their religious lives or just their spiritual life only. Whether you believe they are one in the same, separate but equally needed, or just one or the other, it’s important that you have something in your life that gives you purpose.

Making the difference

The journey to sobriety and recovery is as much an outward goal as it is an inward focus. To achieve the goal of staying sober and moving on with your life, you’ve got to do the inner work to get there. That means learning your triggers, learning how to cope with this triggers and life stressors, how to have happier, healthier relationships and beyond.

When you go on your own spiritual journey, you become more in-tuned with yourself and the world around you. You’re no longer wandering around in the dark flailing but walking through a beautifully-lit world.


When you have more knowledge, more understanding, and a better feel for yourself, your mind, your body, and how you react with the rest of the world, you’re better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you – stress, a big move, loss and grief, achieving your next big goal, anything!

If you’ve gone on a path to spirituality in recovery, we want to hear from you! What did you learn about yourself and the world around you?

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