Is Sexual Addiction Real?

Struggling with sexual behaviors that are compulsive is real and effects tons of people across the United States. If you’re struggling with these compulsions, you’re probably familiar with what it means to be a sex addict.

In recent years large strides have been made in the wide acceptance by the public as well as the therapeutic community on substance abuse and addiction being valid diseases or disorders. Unfortunately, although many experts in the field are hoping and helping to push the same knowledge, awareness and acceptance towards process addictions, it’s just not super widely accepted yet.

That doesn’t make it any less a valid concern though, especially for those going through it. It seems that in our culture, sex is a subject that comes coupled highly with values, so, people have a real hard time separating sex from conscience.

People simply have hard stereotypes of what it means to have “healthy” and “unhealthy” sexual behaviors. But at the root of the problem, people who struggle with sexual addiction and compulsive behaviors could have an issue with intimacy or attachment disorders.

See, when healthy people struggle in their every day lives with stress, events, work, family, they deal with it in ways like making meaningful connections, connecting emotionally with others, etc. Those who are unable to do so cope in ways like self-medicating or acting out in behaviors – both of which leads to issues like substance abuse/addiction and/or process addictions like compulsive sex.

So, the answer to the question, “is sex addiction real?” is a definite yes, whether it’s regarded as such matters not if there are people out there suffering the real and harmful consequences.

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