Astrology for Recovery: Weekly Horoscopes for Your Recovery

Leo – Week of 8/20/2018

With the recent passing of a solar eclipse, you’ll find yourself with newfound power, Leo. It is a great time to make your recovery goals happen, strive to reach new milestones. But be wary of the power becoming blinding; humility is a virtue. Seek out power-saving devices. Avoid electrical sockets.

Virgo – Week of 8/20/2018

Venus has passed into your line of sight, Virgo, and she’s brought Lady Luck with her. You may notice things falling onto your lap. Savor this good fortune and remember that during recovery, the harder you work, the luckier you’ll get! Seek out new opportunities. Avoid gambling.

Libra – Week of 8/20/2018

The planet Venus has been near you all month, Libra, so you can rest at ease. Treasure this time with Venus, and your time with your family and friends. Remember that your support network can be the best asset for you during your recovery. Seek out a relaxing spa day. Avoid stressful traffic.

Scorpio – Week of 8/20/2018

Uranus is in retrograde, and you should be too, Scorpio. Put on some retro grade-A clothing from the 70s and dance your troubles away. Remember that it’s healthy to work out stress in a proactive manner, and you may just find your recovery and your career benefiting from it. Seek out bell-bottom jeans. Avoid disco.

Sagittarius – Week of 8/20/2018

Things have been stressful for you recently, Sagittarius, and you may find yourself looking to get away from it all. Don’t be afraid to travel to new locales. Getting out of your usual environment can be beneficial to recovery, and you may just find yourself meeting new people on your travels. Seek out new adventures. Avoid steam locomotives.

Capricorn – Week of 8/20/2018

Mars has been hanging around you recently, Capricorn, and with it has brought old temptations around to the fore. Don’t give in, and instead plan ahead towards the future. Recovery is about perseverance, and that perseverance will pay off in the coming weeks with Mars’ departure and the arrival of a new friend. Seek out new additions to your support network. Avoid excessive spending.

Aquarius – Week of 8/20/2018

Yawn! The effects from the solar eclipse will linger still, and you may find yourself tired or lethargic, Aquarius. Be sure to get plenty of rest in order to keep a cool head. You can’t function, in life or in recovery, if you can barely keep your eyes open. Seek out nap time. Avoid afternoon caffeine.

Pisces – Week of 8/20/2018

Neptune will be passing through your sign at its peak, Pisces, and bringing with it lots of company and social obligations. While time for reflection is important, you may find yourself inclined to be out and about. It’s up to you to find the right balance for your recovery, and this week may be ideal for social experimentation. Seek out new clubs and parties. Avoid live DJs.

Aries – Week of 8/20/2018

Mercury. Mars. All these planets in retrograde are likely making it difficult for you to start any new projects, Aries. Fret not, this time will pass. Instead of venturing into new realms, revisit older memories and forgotten projects. Don’t forget about any old parts of your recovery you’ve wanted to get back to. Seek out old photo albums. Avoid excessive scrapbooking.

Taurus – Week of 8/20/2018

It seems like everybody else is dealing with retrograde planets in their signs, Taurus, but you’ll likely have stability in the coming weeks. With fortune favoring your efforts, try something you’ve been afraid of: call up that friend you made last week, ask that cute barista out, visit the animal shelter for info on adoption. In recovery, support networks are built during these calm times. Seek out new companionship. Avoid backtracking.

Gemini – Week of 8/20/2018

Careful, Gemini! Don’t bite off more than you can chew! With Jupiter and Neptune moving towards your sector and Mercury preparing for retrograde, this may not be the best time to go out on a limb. Instead, take stock of everything you’ve accomplished, in your career and your recovery, and set up a list of obtainable goals. The opportunity to shoot for the stars will come, but patience is a virtue. Seek out notebooks for life planning. Avoid winging it.

Cancer – Week of 8/20/2018

With Mercury and Venus hanging around so intimately in your sign, you may feel like quite the matchmaker, Cancer. You may find yourself making new introductions for people and fostering new relationships. This will be reciprocated with new members of your recovery support network. Seek out new loves. Avoid your exes (not like we need to tell you that, though).

Note: Astrology for Recovery is not written by an astrologer and is designed entirely for entertainment and inspirational purposes.
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