For everyone who feels like they don't fit, including Me.

I finally watched The Greatest Showman movie last night and WOW.... that's all I can say!!! It's not about addiction or recovery, but it does have a lot to say about humanity, the tendency to get off track in life or think the grass is greener on the other side..... and well, it's so inspiring, moving.....

This video made me think of all those who feel like they don't fit, that they're mess ups, broken, afraid, lonely... and well, I think this is all of us at times...

Great video to share and great movie for those who are open to a bit of a musical ;)

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  • What a super anthem for some of us, @dominica! I DO want to see the movie! I'v e heard great things!
    I was always different in school and our neighborhood.
    My daddy died when I was 6 ( he was in the Air Force) and Mama never remarried. So we were labeled:
    "the widow and her 4 orphans" School records, classroom teachers, the man at the bank, owner of the small grocery store near our house...all reflected our label! LOL!
    Mama sewed ALL my clothes right through most of high school...I LOOKED DIFFERENT. I was is Chorus, Middle School and High School and she sewed all my gowns and dresses. Most girls had the store bought versions. Other things made me different, as well.
    I'd like to think I mostly didn't notice or care. While I may not have fit in with some Cliques, there were others more like me who hung out and looked after each other.
    ...I turned out just fine. I simply kept saying, "This is Me!"
  • That's good stuff, @dominica. I'm not a movie guy, but maybe I'll try to watch this one. Thanks for sharing. :)
  • @Goodtr8s an "anthem". i love that! it can be tough to feel like we fit (esp. in school).... i'm glad you had some good friends to hang out with in h.s.!! i'm a firm advocate of everyone IS equal, no matter what. i just love this song!

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