Why Do I Still Feel Depressed in Recovery?

Getting off drugs takes commitment, we all know that. At some point, you just must take the plunge. You probably already know that yes, you will have to detox from the drugs you’ve been doing, and yes, it may be a little uncomfortable. You’ve probably heard all the stories about detoxing and moving on in recovery. But, some people aren’t so aware of the lasting effects of drug addiction and how hard it can be to overcome them in the weeks following detox and early recovery.

Of course, we don’t want to scare you off trying to quit, but for some, being aware of the challenges and struggles that come and preparing mentally for dealing with what’s to come can make the difference between a failed attempt and a successful recovery.

With drug addiction, the medical community often refers to the effects as the “chicken or egg” scenario. Because long term addiction can wreak havoc on the brain, chemical balances, memory, learning, etc. there’s often the risk for issues with depression and other mental health disorders but it’s hard to know if addiction is what came after people were trying to self-medicate for previous mental health issues or if the issues came from the addiction.

Either way, sometimes in the wake of addiction and recovery, it becomes apparent that help is needed with mental health. If it happens to you, you should remember that’s it’s more common than you think and there’s nothing wrong with. You might just need some extra help but the first and most important thing is to talk to a medical professional who can help get you the diagnosis you need to seek treatment and services that are best for your condition.

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