Cannabis Overdoses Spike in Canada Thanks to Potent Edibles

Very interesting read from the CBC.

From the article:

"Symptoms of cannabis overdose — or more precisely, THC poisoning, THC being the main psychoactive chemical in pot — include elevated heart rate and blood pressure, anxiety, vomiting and in some cases psychosis, possibly necessitating hospitalization.

Depending on the severity of the case...patients can spend up to 20 hours in the ER coming down from the unintentional high. He added that they are often exposed to unnecessary radiation from CT scans, because they initially show possible stroke symptoms."

Read the entire article at this link:

Spike in cannabis overdoses blamed on potent edibles, poor public education
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  • @DeanD Thank you for sharing this. I do know some people who use edibles....and it's important they know that there is a such thing as "too much".....
  • Well, this is a new worry for me. Wait. Not ME. I meant concerning my son. Recently, he has used edibles and seems to sleep forever! I don't like it one bit and after reading this, I do believe he needs to read it too. Thank you SO much for posting this information.
  • Yes, you should probably have your son read it, @RaisingCain.
  • Unfortunate & sad!!! I do want to mention however that edibles are NOT regulated and are currently ILLEGAL in Canada & will continue to be illegal even after legalization occurs October 17th. In order for a licensed producer to be able to sell any products, they must be tested by 3 sources, that company, a 3rd party & the government. If people choose to use cannabis medicinally or recreationally, I hope they will purchase from a licensed producer, not these illegal dispensaries that don’t even test or regulate their product.
    A good mantra by one of the licensed producers, “start low, go slow.”
    Edibles (including oils and soft gels) can on average take 1-3 hours to affect you so @RaisingCain & @dominica , that might be important to mention to loved ones/friends.
  • @blueorchid thank you for that information. i do hope if people buy, they go to a licensed producer, and i'm glad they are required to be tested by 3 sources...

    and yes, "start low, go slow" is a good motto!!! be safe people!
  • Thanks, @blueorchid. Up until today, I only associated with "low and slow" with making good BBQ. ;)
  • This was a problem initially in Colorado too. The manufacturers were not providing clear dosing, for example, they'd sell a cookie with 100mg of THC without really highlighting that that cookie was 10 pretty strong doses. You eat that whole cookie and you are going to the ER! Now, all are required to be sold in 2mg, 5mg and 10mg "doses" so you kinda know if you are getting in over your head.
  • @doug1964... That's crazy! No wonder people were getting sick! Thanks for sharing that with us.
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