Astrology for Recovery: Weekly Horoscopes for Your Recovery 9/10/2018

Astrology for Recovery

Note: Astrology for Recovery is not written by an actual astrologer and is designed entirely for entertainment and inspirational purposes.

Virgo – Week of 9/10/2018

Things may be seeming quiet for you, Virgo; not much has been happening in your life recently. But all that comes to an end as Saturn arrives to kickstart things again. Be prepared to hit the ground running, as you may find yourself primed to accomplish new recovery goals in the coming weeks. Seek out ways to start engines. Avoid sleeping in.

Libra – Week of 9/10/2018

As Venus, a symbol of good fortune and success, meanders back into your sight, you may start experiencing new opportunities, Libra. It’s the time to get up and active, and to seek out new paths to walk down in life and in recovery. Try going for a run or clocking in extra time on the exercise circuit; you may meet new people on the way. Seek out running shoes. Avoid the couch.

Scorpio – Week of 9/10/2018

Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are all in your sign and you may find yourself getting muscled out, Scorpio. Hold firm, don’t give up your seat at the table, but don’t grow too bitter at the loud voices. Instead, take this time to find your inner peace, refine how you deal with your frustrations during your recovery. Seek out meditation sessions. Avoid over-talkative people.

Sagittarius – Week of 9/10/2018

The new moon was making things in your constellation much darker last week, Sagittarius, but with it passing you’ll find yourself standing in the light once again. You may notice hardships and temptations melting away from your life, allowing your recovery to pick up as it was. Enjoy it, Sagittarius, you’ve earned a reprieve. Seek out time in the sun. Avoid staying up late.

Capricorn – Week of 9/10/2018

With Mercury hanging around near your constellation, you may find yourself being a bit clingy with people, Capricorn. Don’t worry yourself too much; during recovery its perfectly normal to seek out companionship. A good support network is key, and can foster life-long friendships. Seek out time with friends. Avoid negative mojo.

Aquarius – Week of 9/10/2018

Usually it’s just stars or planets, but with the sun encroaching on your constellation this week you may find yourself struggling with the heat, Aquarius. New pressures may start to pile up. This week will be the time to test all the new coping mechanisms you’ve uncovered during your journey in recovery. Seek out a pool day. Avoid desert hikes.

Pisces – Week of 9/10/2018

You may find yourself feeling more romantic than usual this week, Pisces, and this is because of Venus moving just a few spaces ahead of you. If you already have a significant other, this may be the time to plan a romantic getaway before the end of summer. If you’re single, it may be an ideal time to seek out new companionship. Recovery is a journey best taken with a partner. Seek out love, old and new. Avoid rom-coms.

Aries – Week of 9/10/2018

You’ve been on a role in your career lately, haven’t you, Aries? Things are only going to be looking up as Saturn enters you sign, a good omen of upcoming success. You’ll find that the risks you take will begin to pay off, good tiding for you career in recovery. Don’t fret about setbacks; sometimes tragedies can be blessings in disguise. Seek out creative projects. Avoid long lunch breaks.

Taurus – Week of 9/10/2018

You’ve been enjoying a month of relative stability, Taurus, but you’ll notice that things may seem a bit bumpier going forward. This is just the ebb and flow of recovery; a long fluctuating line of victories and setbacks. Don’t be afraid to ride the waves, as they may take you to some interesting places, Taurus. Seek out surfing lessons. Avoid deep waters.

Gemini – Week of 9/10/2018

With Mercury and Venus bouncing around all about you, things may seem a bit hectic at first, Gemini, but you’ll soon find yourself reveling in the company. Your social life will pick up, and you may find yourself more inclined to leave your shell. A strong social network is important for lasting recovery, so go out, socialize, and have fun! Seek out fun activities. Avoid solitary Netflix viewing.

Cancer – Week of 9/10/2018

You’ve the power to light up others’ lives this week, Cancer! With the planets aligned in your favor, you’ll find yourself having a positive influence on those around you. Be present in your support networks, as others may find your company the help that they need! Seek out smiling faces. Avoid frowning.

Leo – Week of 9/10/2018

As summer nears its end, you’ll see a lot of movement in your constellation and your life, Leo. As the night sky shifts for autumn, you may find yourself troubled by the change. But don’t worry yourself too much; new changes bring with them new opportunities in both life and recovery. Seek out a new activity. Avoid excessive repetition.
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