It’s Never Too Late to Get Sober

Addiction is a disease that both humbles and brings together so many people from all walks of life who can share stories, yet each and every person with a story is still unique. No addiction journey will be quite like the rest. Likewise, no journey to sobriety will be quite like the rest.

It can certainly feel frustrating and agonizing when we’ve made a promise to ourselves or someone we love that this was going to be the time we quit. It may have been a birthday wish, a new years resolution, or an argument to end all but you threw it out there that you were going to quit drugs or alcohol – and, at the time, you sincerely meant it.

But if you find yourself just days or weeks out from the promise that you made only to find yourself disappointed, just know, that honestly, we have all been there. But let’s just get real for a second here, that’s no reason or excuse to give up.

There’s no throwing your hands in the air and saying, “Well, it’s too late now!.” That’s not going to fly. In fact, it’s just the opposite, and maybe you won’t be so thrilled or enthusiastic about it, but just keep trying. Feed yourself positive thoughts.

Instead of focusing on not seeing through the promise you made to yourself this time, focus on the fact that you want to change. Focus on the fact that you keep coming back to the thought that there is a better life out there just waiting for you to take charge of it.

Focus on the fact that so many people before you and so many people after you will make a very similar, but not quite the same, journey through addiction and sobriety. But remember, not everyone that goes down this path makes it through to the other side. That’s why it’s never to late to get help and get sober.

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