Restarting my Clock

Hi Everyone,

I am sad to say that after 23 days of no alcohol, I broke my success last evening and had a vodka tonic. I am really disappointed in myself. HOWEVER, I am not beating myself up over it today. As a matter of fact, It took me a few hours to finish it and I had the worst stomach ache (which continued on throughout today). Not to mention I had a terrible night's sleep.

I am still forging ahead. I am not going to give up. I made a mistake.

Thank you for everyone's continued support.

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  • Kudos to you for sharing and move forward!

    I think that is the best thing you could do and wallowing in despair about it won't change that it happened! Also, sounds like it was reaffirming in your choice to abstain because it didn't sit well with you at all.

    Sending you lots of love and light.

  • Hi @Liz27 being open & vulnerable is a great way to hold yourself accountable! I too gave in to the devil on my shoulder last week & am back at 8 days in recovery again (oh wait, it’s after midnight... so 9 days). Sometimes it take numerous times to stay clean & sober....

    I always liked the analogy about the baby who tries learning how to walk. It often takes many times falling down to successfully walk. It’s all part of the journey.
  • @Liz27... You had 23 days under your belt, and that's a great thing. You had a slip-up, but it's not the end of the world. You're a human being and you're not perfect. So pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and get back on the right path. And NEVER give up!!! We are here for you. Always. No matter what.

    Progress, not perfection!

    BTW, I just shared this in another thread. It might help you, too.
  • Thank you @rachael04 , @blueorchid and @DeanD <3

    I am so appreciative for your support. @DeanD , a great video/lesson. And yes, please do more videos. I like the 'slipping on the ice' analogy.

    I am feeling peaceful on this Friday AM.


  • Hey, @Liz27... How are you doing today? I hope your weekend has been going well. Just want you to know that I'm thinking about you. :)
  • HI @DeanD,

    Thank you for you check in. I am doing great. I had a very busy weekend with housework and kept my mind busy with reading. I started my Holiday shopping today (not kidding!) :)

    I was dreading the "3rd day post consumption detox headache," but it didn't happen. For that I am happy. Drinking lots of water has helped.

    I am glad tomorrow is Monday. Weekends can be so difficult.

    Thanks again for checking in on me.

    Talk to everyone this week! I hope our supportive group has a positive week.

  • @Liz27... YAY!!! I hope you have a great Monday...and an even better week!!! :)
  • Fishermen catch fish, superheroes fight crime, addicts relapse. If this wasn't the case than more than likely discussion pages like these may never had appeared. You're absolutely right though it's not the end of the world, and we may even learn something out of it when this happens. As long as we keep being honest with ourselves and others not only does it help us feel better but it also regularly takes out the 'trash' we may have in our minds and prevent it from piling up to a point where we feel so depressed and ashamed of ourselves we eventually cross this line where we feel that we have to keep these secrets bottled up inside us because we wrongly insist that now we will only bring disappointment to others and just as well it will cause us to get back into the habit of always lying to everyone to prevent the same feelings from others. This brings us back to square one and holds us there until we take the dive again and start being honest. So be proud of yourself for being able to swallow your pride and just keep on riding along doing what you're doing. Hoping everything continues to go well for you.
  • @Matt518 Hey there. That's some very good insight and advice. Thank you so much for sharing!
  • Thanks for your input, @Matt518. So glad you're here with us and helping others with your insight and knowledge. :)
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