What to do Post Treatment to Keep Your Recovery Going Strong

Completing rehab or a treatment program is a big accomplishment, you have a lot to be proud of. But, you’re also probably wondering how you’ll fair after the program ends and how you’ll go about your days newly sober. To keep your recovery going strong, you’ll probably want to keep up the enthusiasm and get your inspiration lined up. Here’s some tips to get you started.

Stay Humble

Did you know that one of the biggest set backs for many in recovery is having too much confidence right after treatment? It’s not a bad thing to be proud of yourself for your accomplishment and feel good about going on to living life in recovery. But, you should stay humble. Know that you will need ongoing support, that life may throw some unique obstacles at you and that some days will just be tougher than others. Just make sure you don’t try to go it alone and ask for all the help you need.

Set Your Pace

Some people tend to jump out of the gates and run full speed ahead before losing steam and nothing good can come of that. After all, if you want this to be a life long change, remember that slow and steady wins the race. Take recovery one day at a time. Of course, you want to have goals and things you want to get back to and accomplish but don’t put too much stress or pressure on yourself. Everything will happen in time.

Put Yourself First

Don’t forget that recovery is a huge life style change. It’s a complete 180 degrees from the life of addiction you may be accustomed to. At this point, you matter, first and foremost. Don’t say yes to things you don’t think you can handle just because you think you’ll disappoint someone. Don’t over commit yourself. Feeling stress and pressure could be a trigger you don’t want to face this early on.

Remember, as you’re just coming out of treatment, things will be a little different from the life you might be used to living. Do what you need to do to keep your recovery strong and don’t feel any bit bad about it.

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  • I think the post-treatment work is more important than the treatment itself. You have to keep working on your recovery and do the things necessary to stay on the right path. If you don't, you'll end up becoming complacent and relapse is inevitable. The journey doesn't end after treatment. It's only just beginning!
  • Thanks for the words of wisdom, @AlwaysAlex!!
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