Astrology for Recovery: Weekly Horoscopes for Your Recovery 10/1/2018

Astrology for Recovery

Note: Astrology for Recovery is not written by an actual astrologer and is designed entirely for entertainment and inspirational purposes.

Libra – Week of 10/1

The full moon near your constellation left you in the limelight last week, Libra, but now things may start settling as the moon moves on. Take this down time to reflect on your experiences for the past few weeks. Remember what you’ve learned, as it may help you in your future recovery. Seek out meditation sessions. Avoid calls for an encore.

Scorpio – Week of 10/1

Hey there, Scorpio, are you holding a party or something? The full moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are all in your sign this week; talk about being a socialite! This may be the perfect time to invite your friends and family over. It’s good to celebrate with them in a fun and sober way from time to time. Seek out party streamers. Avoid alcoholic fruit punch.

Sagittarius – Week of 10/1

Saturn in in your sights, Sagittarius, and you know what they say: birds of a feather flock together. Similarly, you may find yourself spending more time with a special somebody. Don’t be afraid to confide in this person in the coming weeks, as they may be able to help you down the line in your recovery journey. Seek out fun activities for two. Avoid crowds of four or more.

Capricorn – Week of 10/1

Wake up, Capricorn, this is not a week you want to waste! As tempting as it may seem to sleep in late, the moon and Saturn predict great success for you this week, if you’re willing to work for it. For recovery and for life, the best success comes when you push for it with every fiber of your being. Seek out an early start. Avoid the snooze button.

Aquarius – Week of 10/1

Summer’s at a close, Aquarius, and this may be your last chance to enjoy some time off in the warm weather. Find a day for the beach, enjoy the ocean waters (they don’t call you an Aquarius for nothing), and have fun as a sendoff to summer. It’s important to find time for fun and relaxation during your recovery. Seek out long-weekends. Avoid rain.

Pisces – Week of 10/1

Venus and Jupiter are on your horizon, Pisces, and with the two planets hanging about you may start noticing a dichotomy in your life. Don’t fret; good things do come in pairs. Plan for good fortune in recovery and success in your career. Seek out double jeopardy questions. Avoid flying solo.

Aries – Week of 10/1

Charge ahead, Aries! Although Pluto may no longer be a planet, it’s still got your back and is rooting for you from the sidelines. Your family will also provide instrumental encouragement this week, pushing you to be the best version of yourself! Seek out positive energy. Avoid negative people.

Taurus – Week of 10/1

Dress to impress, Taurus, not that you’ll really need to. In fact, you may notice that a lot of people will be impressed with your accomplishments in the coming weeks. It’s only fair, considering that you have been hitting some milestones in recovery lately. Pat yourself on the back and press forward, Taurus! Seek out awards. Avoid award ceremonies.

Gemini – Week of 10/1

The passing full moon has left you feeling more daring than normal, Gemini. While it’s not advisable to go overboard, you should definitely be open to trying things that scare you. Sign up for that skydiving session you’ve been debating, ask that cute barista out, face down your inner demons. Remember, you’re only as strong as you allow yourself to be. Seek out new opportunities. Avoid recklessness.

Cancer – Week of 10/1

Oof…rough week, Cancer? With the full moon moving past you may feel a bit overwhelmed, unsure of the best course of action. Remember that it’s okay to reach out for help during moments of weakness and uncertainty. You have a strong support network of friends and family ready and willing to help you through the harder times of your recovery. All you have to do is ask! Seek out confidants. Avoid solitude.

Leo – Week of 10/1

Pride is an asset, Leo, but too much of it can quickly turn into arrogance. You may feel frustrated when circumstances will cause you to abandon certain projects in the coming weeks. Remember that it’s okay to let go, and don’t be afraid to put your effort into new adventures in recovery. Seek out new horizons. Avoid excessive nostalgia.

Virgo – Week of 10/1

You’ve not heard of Chiron, have you Virgo? It’s a small planet orbiting the sun in between Saturn and Uranus, and this week it’s moving through your constellation, bringing with it a new form of emotional support. Maybe it’s a family member, a friend, or somebody new. Don’t be afraid to reach out, as your recovery network will certainly have a new member by the time Chiron parts. Seek out new friends. Avoid centaurs.
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