Odd Signs That Might Be Hinting Your Suffer From Anxiety

Sometimes, people know that however it is they live their lives, is just a little bit different, a little odd, or gives them the feeling that something is not quite right. Many people live with this feeling for long periods of time before they ever, if ever, find out what is truly ailing them. Often we just find ways to cope, we reroute our routines and habits to find what is comfortable for us, to get through the day.

Anxiety is the title given to a set of disorders that includes generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder, disorders that affect the lives of nearly 18 percent of adults in the United States. That's fairly common if you think about it.

Unfortunately, with so many people handling anxiety on their own or not having a diagnosis, there are only about 1/3 of people actually getting treatment. If you're experiencing any of these odd symptoms, it's time to think about getting help.

You're not one for relaxing
If you find yourself keeping busy instead of relaxing, you may have anxiety. If you're clenching your teeth as you try to watch television, or purposely stay up watching TV until you pass out before going to bed, it might be a sign that you're afraid that of what the lack of cognitive distraction will bring.

You're a yawner
What? Yes, it's common to yawn, especially if you regularly don't get enough sleep. But, did you know that yawning can be caused by the body's natural reaction to do that opposite (relax) when facing physiological stress. Yup, it's true. If you find yourself constantly yawning, no matter how tired or not tired you are, it could be a reaction to anxiety.

You're stomach is sensitive
You should never assume that any one symptom or another is just caused by anxiety, so if you've got any, definitely get them checked out. That being said, a sensitive stomach can be caused by many medical issues so never brush it off. But if you're an anxiety sufferer, it can certainly trigger a sensitive stomach. Anxiety is correlated with stress and stress can wreak havoc on the digestive system, so if you're having issues, it's worth heading to the doctor to discuss what the problem might be.

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