Ben Is Back Movie About Addiction, Recovery

Looks like an excellent movie about addiction... more specifically a mother and her son who struggles with addiction. Looks powerful..... (Starring Julia Roberts)

Coming in December

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  • Wow. This is the first I've heard of this movie. I have to admit, I kind of got sick to my stomach watching that trailer. A lot of this hit very close to home. Thanks for sharing, @dominica.
  • @DeanD It will be challenging to watch for many... but necessary.. i know i'll be watching it with Kleenex...
  • Damn! @DeanD That looks like it will be pretty powerful! I have done exactly that. Take my son to go pay some drug dealer. I have threatened drug dealers believe it or not, and luckily for me I think they must have thought this bitch is crazy and they stopped dealing with my son. But that is how far my rage has taken me and at that point I didn't even care! I don't do that kind of thing anymore. I got back my common sense. Everything about the trailer hit home.
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