FDA Could Approve Opioid 10 Times Stronger Than Fentanyl

Not sure what to make of this article from Rolling Stone magazine's website. The story points out that the company making the drug claims it wouldn't be used outside of hospital settings, but experts still worry that there's risk for abuse. Here's a link to the article:


Would approval of this drug concern you at all?
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  • @DeanD Yes, it would concern me greatly because believe it or not there are many doctors and nurses alike who abuse opioids. Not to mention some people working in labs. I have read articles on such, and about six months ago our local news ran a story regarding about nurses addictied to opiates. One nurse who had her face blacked out for the camera literally admitted to shooting up heroin on her lunch break. I also have a friend who works for a home health agency that sends nurses into homes to treat immobile people with health issues and the terminally ill. They have fired nurses because they were caught stealing filled syringes full of pain medicine. Noone can be trusted at this point. Especially when there is money to be made. My mother has health problems and goes to the hospital fairly often. When her meds are brought to her I check to make sure her pain meds are there in the cup and not some substitute. There are nurses who will put an aspirin in the cup and keep the pain meds. This happened to someone else I know. It's absolutely sickening.
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