How One Family Is Turning Loss into Awareness

Losing a loved one to addiction is a tough price to pay. The United States as a whole has made some serious strides when it comes to awareness about addiction and mental illness but just not quite enough. There is still a huge lack of awareness into the deep routes of the problem the plagues so many Americans, addiction and mental health-wise.

One family has taken it upon themselves to put the awareness out there, to let the world take a look inside their grief, the story that they wish had a different ending.

The young woman who died of an opioid addiction was just 30 years old, gone from the world too soon, they decided to memorialize her life through sharing her obituary. Her family wanted to reach as many people as they could and capture what it means to be the person going through addiction and what it means to be the family that is affected.

To those facing addiction, the family wanted to share that they are not alone, that every family who has ever lost someone they loved to addiction, is now praying and hoping for the recovery of others.

To the rest of the world looking in from the outside, the family wanted to share that a person is not their addiction. Many people see addiction and stop seeing the humans behind those addictions. Instead of passing judgment, the family asks that people become more aware and knowledgeable about addiction.

They used their experience, through sadness and grief to give an inside look at what addiction really means to families. To spread knowledge, awareness, and insight around in hopes of saving just one life and saving one family from feeling the loss they have had to endure.

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