Are Addiction Treatments Evolving?

There are many characteristics of drug and alcohol treatment programs that make them great and make them effective. Most facilities use programs and treatments that are evidence-based. That is, there has been significant research into the best modalities of treatment, the efficacy of treatment, and what seems to work best for whom.

But, year after year, we dig deeper into addiction. We gain more insight, we gain more knowledge, new studies come out, more treatment methods are developed and then those go through testing as well. You might be wondering, has treatment for drug and alcohol addiction really evolved?

We think the answer is, yes, absolutely. Treatment used to be just for people who had great insurance or those who had the money to pay for some seriously high-priced care. Even then, treatment doesn’t just work for anybody and everybody walks through the doors.

Now, though, treatment programs and facilities know more about addiction, and they know how to help a wider variety of people. Often, you’ll find that your treatment plan is no longer developed for the masses, it’s developed after a thorough walk through with you from a complete medical team and you’re given a treatment plan just for you.

You might have a whole team of people working on getting you back to healthy in any number of ways from your general health to your nutrition, spiritual health, and of course your mental health. There are medications to help ease withdrawal, those that help curb cravings, those to help you get better rest and those that deal with dual diagnosis, should you have them.

If you’re wondering whether you should try treatment out for yourself, whether you have been to treatment in the past or not. The answer is always yes, if you’re ready, treatment is always ready to have you!

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  • Yes, I too share your concern, and of the opinion, drug, alcohol ruins lives and causes a considerable number of deaths, worldwide. Nicotine is the primary cause of Lungs Cancer globally followed by vehicular pollution, and if proper counselling and therapy is done at an early stage, this addiction can be overcome easily among adult males, females and adolescents. Especially students, who are prone to Nicotine addiction and at a greater risk. Recovery can be a painful process but it is important to go through it. In case of home treatment, most of the patients relapse because they are not able to endure the painful withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient treatment provides a safe, healthy environment to the patient so he can focus on his recovery.
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