Needing support

Hey everyone!!

I'm asking for support.... Tomorrow I have an appt. with a nutritionist... I know I need to address sugar addiction....for candida growth and health... I mean, I am in pretty good balance, but still.... could be better.

And i'm nervous... haha. I think she will put me on strict that's what I will need support with. Now, I know this isn't major like alcohol or drug addiction, but it's important to me.

Anyone else tried to get off sugar? Or cut way back?
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  • Wow, @dominica, you post at 1:30 and no one has weighed in yet? Well, I will!

    You spend a good chunk of your day on here helping others deal with their addictions, vices, and insecurities, so I can't think of a better, more qualified person to tackle your sugar addiction than, well, you! You've got the tools, the perspective, and the determination to make it work.

    I'll also point out that you are falling victim to the same trap that a lot of people do: pre-emptive fear. You haven't seen the nutritionist, you don't know what they will say, but you sound like you are already going worst case. Sure, they will probably attack some of your favorite snackies, and might even cut into some of your go-to meals, but to think that you will be on a plan of plain tofu and raw, undressed greens isn't likely either. The truth will likely be somewhere in between. Besides, you are going to a professional. If it is their job to recommend changes, I would say that telling you what NOT to eat is only HALF the job. The other half is to recommend what you CAN eat.

    Hopefully the recommendations are better than that, "eat this, not that" laughable stuff. I thumbed through the original book once but stopped when I read, "Instead of eating potato chips, why not carrot sticks? Without all the fat and salt, they give you the satisfying crunch, and sometimes you just need the crunch!". I remember thinking, "Yeah, but most of the time I want the fat and salt! Plus, chips are delicious, while carrot sticks are a consolation prize." Wait, that last part probably didn't help you at all. Sorry.
  • @Leaker thank you for your input! i appreciate the support....

    you're right.... and i believe i can change my mindset now.... looking at the great things i will still be able to eat....the opportunity to cook new things, try new things, and.... dig a bit to see what's going on underneath....

    i hear you on eat this instead of that... as there is one no bake cookie left in the fridge and i'm looking forward to eating it later tonight for my snackie ;)

    i'll keep ya'll posted!!

    hope all is well in your world!!
  • Yeah, that's the spirit! My wife does the healthy eating thing when she can. It's not a low fat, no carb, or whatever sort of thing, it is more of a "don't eat processed food" thing as part of a group. She says that she and a lot of the other members talk about how good they feel after a couple days of really sticking to the plans. They haven't lost weight, but they just feel better since their bodies aren't worn out trying to coax nutrition out of poly-carb-o-sorbi-fructos-ogen-drates and all the other stuff. I bet you will have a similar experience. Sure, eating a whole trough of Oreos is easy, but perhaps exploring some sort of rural Indian fruit based custards or whatever ends up being different, but better.
  • I haven't tried giving up or cutting way back on sugar, @dominica. But I've successfully quit caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol. I think it's a matter of changing your mindset and LEARNING how to eat less sugar. I wouldn't expect you to go "cold turkey." Like sobriety, I think it's a learning process. So go easy on yourself while you're learning. :)
    Let us know how your appointment goes.
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