Could Your Spouse Have A Personality Disorder?

Relationships are complex, they come with natural highs and lows, tough parts and parts that seem too easy to be true. As you move through life with a spouse and depending on the age you begin your relationship at, you’ll go through many of life’s ups and downs together. You may experience some “growing up” together and become seasoned adults by one another’s sides.

You’ll no doubt go through times where you may think something is wrong with yourself or your spouse and sometimes the issue resolves itself while at other times it seems that it may never end. If you suspect that something is wrong and the nagging feeling just won’t let up, there’s a good chance your gut is telling you something. If you feel like something may be wrong but have no idea what, look at some of the signs that may indicate a personality disorder in either you or your spouse.


Do you or your spouse ever have serious or ongoing issues with anger? What we mean is, people with personality disorders of all kinds tend to have an issue with impulsive behaviors. Sometimes these impulse control problems can be shown as impulsively getting angry, showing aggression, experiencing anger attacks, or violent outburst. Just because it happens doesn’t necessarily indicate a personality disorder but, clustered with some of the other warning signs, you may want to investigate it further.

Think Back

While not every person with a traumatic past or upbringing will have a personality disorder, those who were neglected or abused during childhood are more than 4 times more likely to experience personality disorders. If you or someone you love shows other signs or symptoms and has a difficult past, they may be having trouble expressing unresolved anger from their origins.

There’s a lot more to personality disorders than just this tidbit of information. If you’re concerned about someone you love or yourself, please, take the time to reach out and get the advice or help you need as soon as possible.

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