USA Today article: Quitting Alcohol Can Be Deadly

I just read a good article in USA Today about the dangers of alcohol withdrawal. The article states that "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counted 831 deaths in 2016 that could be characterized as related to alcohol withdrawal." Read the entire article at the link below:
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  • @DeanD yes, people should know about the dangers of cutting it out cold turkey.... i know some try...but seeking medical help is recommended. thanks for sharing!

    oh, and the article stated that that actor in True Bloods that died...that his family was ashamed to talk to him about his drinking over the years..

    please, let's not sweep things like this under the carpet. sit down and have a compassionate heart-to-heart... better to do that than to sit in silence.... i know it's not always easy, but might just be what they need to hear.
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