I don't know if i am the only one who experiencing depression because of my grades in school. I am the eldest in the family and i failed them because I did not make it on my graduation day. I have 2 failed subjects. And my mom was very disappointed in me, that's why i take it seriously i did not come out in my room for how many weeks, i don't want to talk to anyone, i did not eat also. My mind was floating and i can't think clearly. But my friend recommends me to use CBD for me to cure this depression. And as of now, i see the changes in myself and it really helps.
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  • @Oainicah05 hello and welcome. glad to hear it's helping you... there are mixed reviews on cbd oil, and it's pretty expensive.... but glad it's helping you feel better.
  • @Oainicah05... Welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety. I'm quite sure you're not alone in feeling depressed over how you're doing in school. Just know that school grades aren't everything in life. I know you're bummed that your mom was disappointed in you, but try not to let it consume you.

    I'm glad the CBD oil is making you feel better. I'm wondering, though...Is there a reason why you chose to use the CBD oil instead of seeing a doctor about your anxiety? Just curious. I always feel like getting a professional opinion on mental health issues is the best starting point. That said, I'm not condemning what you did. I'm just curious.

    Maybe think about doing some meditation or deep-breathing exercises when you're feeling anxious. Those can really be helpful. Also, know that we're here to help and support you any way we can. You are not alone.
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