It’s OK to Say “NO!” This Holiday Season!

There’s a good chance that the holiday season brings back tons of emotions, especially if you’re in recovery. You may be reflecting on holidays past, people you love, people you’ve lost, or even new friends you’ve gained. Recovery is a special place to be and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s sometimes not the easiest place to be during the holidays.

While some people are thinking about shopping, traveling, decorating, accommodating out of town guests or going out of town themselves, there are some of us who have things on our plate that aren’t making us feel so cheerful. Like the worry of missing old friends and old habits, old ways we celebrated the holidays even. We’re worrying about whether there will be meeting with severe weather on the rise, meetings for those of us traveling out of town or state, and even the prospect of family gatherings can make us cringe.

This holiday season don’t forget to take the time to reflect on the past and try to make it positive. Take inventory of where you’re at and decide what you can handle this holiday season. Hell, if you just want to stay home between your work shifts and pretend like the holidays aren’t even happening because that’s how you want to get through it this year, do it. If you think you can handle family gatherings and parties in small doses, do that. If you want to say “No,” at all, to anyone, for any reason, I’m here to tell you, absolutely do it.

Your ability to maintain stress and coping skills this holiday season is the absolutely first priority. If anyone is offended, they’re not for you. The people who matter most will understand that you’ll take on only what you feel comfortable with, so don’t fret. Enjoy the most cheerful time of year in any way you please, it’s what’s best for you!

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