Is There Anything More Anxiety Inducing Than the Holidays?

I’m going to let you guys in on a little holiday secret and you guys might be shocked to hear this. Yes, yes there are plenty of things worse and more anxiety inducing than the holidays. Yes, you heard that right. Sometimes, you must remember that the thing about anxiety, is that you just must make things work for you. Including the holidays. What about the holidays gives you anxiety? I guess that will depend on what kind of anxiety you experience.

Is it generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, obsessive compulsive? It matters, but only to you. If being around a ton of people at holiday parties isn’t your thing because of social anxiety, so be it. Tell everyone ahead of time that you won’t be attending any gatherings because you’re busy with some other priorities – and you are – your mental health is your priority right now, not pleasing other people!

If you need control and order to not feel anxiety and there are just too many hands in the pot with an event you’re involved in or a gathering you’re putting together, don’t be afraid to say – “okay guys, here’s what I need from all of you, ….” Remember, it’s always OK to tell others exactly what you need for your own sanity and mental health – I do it all the time, trust me.

Sometimes people look at you funny, sometimes you come to be known as the quirky, bossy lady who can’t handle sudden, loud noises. That’s okay too. Everything about you is what makes you, uniquely you. Don’t be ashamed of it, play it up. Crack jokes if that’s what makes you comfortable – “Oh you know I’d love to go but, rooms full of people breathing my air just isn’t my thing, thanks for the invite!”

One thing you’ll learn over time is that you just must own your personality and all your quirks – people will love you, hate you, or not care one way or the other – so, you shouldn’t care either!

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