Hey doctors. Please stop.

Ok, so I know we all are aware of the over-prescribing of pills by doctors. And all I can say to that is... UGH.

I also know that medicine CAN be helpful...and is necessary at times. Yes, even the addictive medicines.

However, even among the newer guidelines, some drs are still prescribing pills just like that.... not probing, not referring, not doing much of anything except putting a band-aid on gushing wounds.

was reading an article this morning about the elderly, and how many doctors just prescribe pills like it's nothing. one dr. will prescribe a benzo, another a pain pill (i mean, yes, the elderly hurt more and fall more, etc.) but it's causing so many problems... many are unaware of how addictive these pills are, and some are overdosing! again, ugh. it's so unfortunate.

and i'm not sure i mentioned this, but my daughter, 25, had a baby few weeks ago. went to her first follow up.... stated she was feeling depressed.... (ok, yes, post-partum depression is real), but that dr. never asked her anything that probed..... like, hmmm, what might be some reasons for that depression? any underlying issues? could it be that you're stressed out due to your living circumstances? that life isn't going as you want? that you've never dealt with some emotional wounds?

hmmm, maybe you could see a therapist? maybe a support group? or here, read this book...

but nah, she prescribed her XANAX..... no questions. no probing. just handed her pills....

AND YOU KNOW I FREAKED OUT... of course. and once again, had to inform my daughter of the dangers....and the whole shebang.

but back to the drs. come one!!! yes, some people may need some support at times, but these highly addictive pills should be A LAST RESORT!!!!!!!!!!

ok, that's my venting for this morning. and, good news is my daughter has agree to use an herb for anxiety/depression rather than Xanax. so yay on that account. and, she's going to church now, to address some underlying emotional issues with God. :)

what are your thoughts?

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  • @DeanD it is ashwagandha! she took it before she was pregnant and said it worked for her... she isn't supposed to take it while breast feeding though, so she's gonna hold off a bit.... but yes, i know people who it helps with anxiety!! glad it helps you!
  • Man, this is all so disgusting. Even with the prescription drug/opioid crisis we're in the midst of, some doctors just want to get their RX pad out and fix everything with pills. I don't get it. And @dominica... Your daughter's doctor prescribing Xanax for her anxiety without trying any of the "drug-free" things you mentioned. That's mind-boggling. Xanax is sooooooo addictive. And sooooooo hard to get off of. It's very dangerous. I'm glad your daughter agreed to try the herb. I'm wondering... Is it by any chance ashwagandha? I take that and it helps me quite a bit.
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