Developing A Daily Spiritual Practice in Recovery

There are many, many different things that help people to stay in the right mindset to fuel their recoveries. Just one of those many things is to have a daily spiritual practice.

I know, you’re probably wondering why a daily spiritual practice is so beneficial to recovery, so read on friends. The whole idea of using spirituality to help us in our recoveries is certainly not new. The key to spirituality though is just experimenting and finding out what works for you.

What Are Some Daily Spirituality Practices I Can Try?

There are many forms of spirituality and whatever works for you is what you should stick with but don’t be afraid to try others to see what you like.

-Practicing gratitude

-Mindfulness meditation


-Community service work

-Creative work

I’m sure when you thought about spirituality you weren’t expecting to hear about practicing gratitude, creative work, or community service. But those are just some of the things that give people purpose and spirituality is all about finding your purpose.

If getting creative and creating art, writing, painting, singing, dancing, or whatever it is that makes your heart flutter and brings you joy, is what brings purpose to your life, then do it daily. If serving your community does that, then jump in. If sitting down for some mindfulness meditation gives you a purpose, then make the time for it each day. If prayer and getting involved with the church speaks to your heart, then you know what you need to do.

For others, it’s simply giving and receiving. If someone along the way has helped you tremendously, pay it forward to others and be what that person was to you, for some one else. You can’t take for granted what giving along with receiving a helping hand will do for your recovery.

What does spirituality mean for you in recovery?

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