What's this year going to be like?

Hey everyone! New Year.... new us. What kinds of goals are ya'll working on? I'm not huge on New Year resolutions, but I do like to take the opportunity of a new year to evaluate and be honest with myself....and make some goals or recommit to old ones!!

I tried giving up sugar a couple months ago. It went well for maybe a week or two... I'm trying to balance that out. I'm not over-indulging, but trying to keep it to a minimum. and it's way harder than one thinks....

And, my normal goals of exercising regularly... getting in the community and engaging with people (yes, sometimes a struggle for me...introvered and all) and continuing to work on my personal and spiritual growth.

what about ya'll?? How is everyone?? Need support for something?
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  • @dominica I am dedicated to finding myself this year. I am looking forward to lots of self love, finding out who I am and what I enjoy as an individual. I want to grow and strengthen myself in every aspect of my life.

    Last January when I had my surgery, I cut out all food/drinks that cause inflammation in order to prevent future issues as best as possible. Since Thanksgiving I have slacked off and I feel it in my body too! My church is doing a week of prayer and fasting beginning today. I am doing the "Daniel Fast" which is basically how I was eating before the holidays, except I will also be cutting out meats and dairy. Instead of doing just 7 days, I am doing 21 days. I also decided to take a break and unplug from social media for all 21 days as well. Taking this time to detox from certain foods, to detox from drama on social media, and detox from the past pretty much and to grow where I am and for the future. I'm excited about it oddly enough lol It is going to give me the opportunity for lots of self love. I have several spiritual growth books as well as personal growth on hand for when I have down time.... I am going to read or go for a walk or just do things for me rather than scrolling through social media for 21 days.
  • My year is off to an icky start. My wife had surgery to repair her broken wrist this morning. Everything went well and she is resting comfortably. My oldest son also fell and broke his hip on New Year's Eve. He's in a lot of pain, but there's not much they can do for a broken hip. It's all about rest and letting it heal. But he's not a very good patient.

    The silver lining to this crappy start to 2019 is that the year can only get better. Right??? That's what I'm hoping. I'm hoping to find a full-time job, too. Being severely underemployed for 5+ years is taking its toll on me and my family.

    Trying to stay positive!!!! :)
  • What's this year going to be like?? pretty challenging for all... pretty hot in summer and pretty cold next winter...but all those have one thing in common... pretty. It's going to be pretty. Stopping to appreciate little things here and there will make it that way and I plan on taking every opportunity to see the prettiness, the good in others and myself, the fascinating, the passion-inducing. I missed out on it all for most of my life and now I'm going to put this newfound alertness and perspective to use.
  • @zozzie... I love your post! Life should be about prettiness...not pettiness!! :)
  • @zozzie what a realistic, but inspiring look at things. Beats my blunt cynicism and gloom any day of the week! A noble goal too. One can't replace the lost time, but going forward one can make the most of what they have left.

    The year for me is the same as last year and year before, etc. Focus on doing the right thing, and helping others along the way. Doing good by doing well. Treating every challenge as an opportunity to grow either on my own, or with the help of someone better and smarter than me.

    Should be a tough, but rewarding year.

    Keep the faith!
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