How Will My Children Respond When I Come Back from Rehab?

Addiction interrupts everything. Your whole life. Sometimes, one of the hardest parts about going away to rehab is putting your entire life on hold. If you’re in deep, there could be parts of your life that are just shattered. For some, many parts of their lives are still there, just waiting for them to get back and pick up where they left off.

If you have a career or children, then you might know exactly what we’re talking about. We get the question a lot, about whether kids are going to be mad at you when or if you go away to rehab. While there really isn’t a definitive answer, you must remember that every situation is different. In the case of younger kids, the answer is most likely no. They will just be glad to have you back when you return.

If you have kids that are older, understand more, or have seen you at your worse, there’s no knowing how they will react. Kids are resilient and often more forgiving than we think they can be. It’s incredibly difficult for a child to have a parent go away for a long period of time, yes. But, it’s also incredibly difficult to live a life surrounded by the aftermath of addiction.

Will there be things that must be talked about, parts of the relationship mended, lost time to be made up for? Absolutely. But, if you’re thinking about using this as an excuse not to go away to rehab, we’re going to have to say, think again.

There is no greater gift that you can possibly give your child than to take your life back from addiction. Maybe it won’t be easy, that’s true. But you will look back and only think that you should have done it sooner, never will you regret the decision to get help.

Your children need you at your best, if you’re not able to give them that at this point, then the answer is take the help.

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