Can’t post, not so new and still a bit lost

Writing post it times up and box appears and won’t go away. Tried three times to no avail and lost what I had written.. Try again later when less stressed.
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  • @WonderingOne i'm sorry you're having a tough time posting. are you posting from phone? tablet? computer? if you have to, maybe write what you want in a document and then copy and paste it here.... not ideal, but that way you won't lose what you have..
  • Give us some more details about this, @WonderingOne. Mainly, the device you're trying to post on. If the problem persists, I'll forward it to the powers-that-be. Sorry for the hassle. Hope your stress isn't being caused by this!
  • I am writing on my phone. Just weird why it’s doing what it’s doing. I’ve written on it before and it gets wonky! Last few days at work were stressful and trying to post I just had to step away from it awhile.. I’ll try to write it on my note pad and copy and paste, see if it works. Weird how I couldn’t get responses either. Who knows?!?
  • Hello everyone, still around, still looking to find myself. Lately I’ve been a bit out of sorts. My adhd, well my head has been kicking my ass. I know I overthink stuff all the time and worry more than I should/need too. I stress a lot as of late, gee I wonder why!? Sorry for the sarcasm but I have everyone telling me to be happy, be grateful, smile, enjoy the day etc. My wife wants my mind fixed like yesterday and it doesn’t work that way or that quick. Hell I don’t even know if my mind can be fixed. If that’s the case I’ve already lost, my wife has set the bar so high and if I can’t reach it she’s done! She wants me to fix myself and I don’t even know where to start or what to do. It’s hard to be “happy” with so much negativity around, here and stress at work. I think and feel I’m doing good and working on getting my trust back and in one comment all is lost.
    I know everyone says work on myself first but it’s hard to work on myself when the threat of losing everything is at the forefront of my mind! Get the feeling of if I loose why should I bother. I’m always on a roller coaster of emotions, my a fib has kicked up along with had a reaction to side effects of the meds I was on for it.
    My mind is so upside down right now that I am truly lost. I feel as though I’m only existing and not living at all.
  • I understand where you’re coming from, I know I made this mess, like I say I’ve been trying to do what I, think I know what to do and it seems to always back fire on me. I don’t exactly know what to do “yet” to change myself. I think what gets me most is the fact she and I both know is I need to change, for her it isn’t happening quick enough and for me I don’t know what to do to make the changes needed. I’m hoping therapy will give me the tools needed.
    Most days my head feels like a foggy mushy swamp, can’t think or focus. Today it felt like a fire burning inside. I know I have adhd and have had a couple head injuries. I’m not sure if either effect or has created what I feel these days?

    You asked @AlwaysAlex about how much I want this, I want me to be more normal and not have the issues I do, I want my family, I want my wife to be in my life. I’m hoping that when she starts therapy things will mellow out in her mind as she begins to get answers and the help she needs. She feels she has ptsd from the years of raising our daughter and being with her more. If that’s the case her getting help may change her a bit too.
    Right now I know she’s bitter towards me and I get why. If we could start to get along and try to put things, not so say behind us but if we can start to focus on the future it may help. I know she won’t forget, I’m just hoping she’ll forgive!
  • Alex gave you some great advice there. I think you need to get past certain things so your commited to getting better. The one thing that annoyed me about the sex addict I dated was that he admitted all of these issues, he said he wanted a certain life and didn’t want to cheat etc... but words are cheap and trust takes a long time to build. He wasn’t invested the way he needed to be, he used his problems as a scapegoat or excuse for not giving 110% In healing himself and being a man who was ready to commit. Not saying this is you, I’m just purely giving an example of someone who did not choose wisely. The only way that trust will be built is with hard work on your part, accepting your issues and faults and getting the help you need to provide a good man to your wife and daughter. Only when that happens and your truly invested in the long journey recovery takes you will you be able to gain their trust back.
  • Hello @WonderingOne
    I just feel inspired to respond to something you said a few posts back... Your mind does not need to be fixed... neither you nor your mind are broken. You are perfect... the things you are experiencing aren't due to something broken with you... the afflictions you are experiencing are unfortunate and I can't imagine how it must be for you... You are amazing and perfect exactly how you are. The others gave great advice and insight so I just simply wanted to pop in and let you know that there is nothing wrong with you... just some things to overcome... and you can overcome them!

    Shared with care and only wanting to send you positivity and I hope my response doesn't come off in any other way.

    Sending you love and light. :heart:
  • @WonderingOne... I'm sorry you've been struggling. And I can relate to the worrying you speak of. I used to worry my ass off, pretty much 24/7/365. But I worked hard on it with my therapist, and finally learned that worrying doesn't actually DO anything...except make you miserable. So try to remember that. You can worry until the cows come home, but it ain't gonna do a damn thing.

    I can relate to the a-fib, too. I was diagnosed with a-fib when I was 36, and I know how tough it can be to deal with. I also know that worry and stress are NOT good for a-fib. So you need to do everything you can to try and calm your mind a bit. Your health and well-being depend on it.

    You've gotten some great advice from others. Just try to keep going in the right direction, my friend. We all love and care about you. And we have faith in you, too. Please have faith in yourself.
  • @WonderingOne hey there. at your core, i agree you are amazing. we all are. bright sparks of energy, spirit, consciousness -whatever you want to call it. but yeah, as we grew up we created this persona...a psyche was formed... and we became well who we think we are.... (but we're really not. ha)

    the mind. it's part of the human journey to tame that sucker. i find that the buddhists are on it when it comes to calming that rat running on the wheel... the constant thoughts bashing....thrashing... all simple thoughts... so, to learn how to become an observer of them rather then believe them... ah, that meditation stuff really has merit!! :)

    i'm kind of playing, but kinda not. i sat in a women's circle last night, all very successful, intelligent, and spiritual women...and every one shared how their darn thoughts trip them up, STILL!!! and they do practice tips and tricks to tame it, but it gets triggered.

    find your path to inner peace. there are like thousands of paths... your task is to practice yours... find it, practice it, and watch... it'll help. your stuck in ego/fear/wounds..... it does take time to get out. you're right... but embrace things like discipline, practice, consistency, faith, hope.... and you'll progress.

    ah, the hero's journey. we are all on it.

    that's my take today.

    sending big healing love your way.
  • I know I need to worry less, my dad always told me to let the stress roll off like water on a ducks back and not to worry about anything until it’s something you need to worry about! I have said those over and over to myself and I have thought about a lot of what is going on in my corner of the world. I know my wife wants me to be a ton better than I am and have been and the issue I have is I’m not sure I can be the perfect husband that she expects, Hell im who I am and if I change to be something I’m not I won’t feel right. There are days now and I mean a lot of them that I don’t know who I am now. I think that brings on a lot of stress, Top it off with all the day to day stress and other stuff and it gets the blood pressure up..
    I do want to give it my all and work on what needs to be changed with my thoughts and behaviors as well as actions.
    Thank you @DeanD @Vicbrenan and @blueorchid for the positivity and ideas offered. I know right now my therapist is asking about my past and I’m wanting to start working on bettering myself and anxious to do so. It’s just stressful as she wants me to change like yesterday and I haven’t even started on the work that needs to be started. Feel like a dog chasing its tail somedays!
    Good note! Had a fun time watching my daughter ski tonight! She is getting quicker on the down hill and getting on and off the lift by herself now!! Awesome stuff!
  • How was your weekend, @WonderingOne? Just checking in. Hope things are okay in your world today.
  • Just wondering how you're doing, @WonderingOne. If you have a chance, drop by and give us an update. Thinking of you, my friend.
  • @WonderingOne thinking about you!! hope you're doing alright... and i hope you can post!!
  • Hello @DeanD and @dominica, busy lately, therapy last night, recovery meeting night before, overtime, and just being dead tired! Working Saturday now too. Therapist is still gathering info and asking questions, I have a hard time remembering some facts and time lines, my memory isn’t what it once was. Lately my mind has been mush, stress and being tired all the time I’m sure don’t help matters... All in all doing good though! Hope you’re all doing well too...
  • Glad to hear you're doing good, @WonderingOne. Sounds like you're working hard on yourself, and that's a terrific thing. As far as your memory are not alone. Man, my memory is fading fast. I imagine it will only get worse, too. Getting old can be a challenge!

    Happy Friday to you! Have a great day and weekend! Keep practicing self-care. It's sooo important!
  • Had to work today, raining here. My wife has been in good spirits lately. She started her therapy this past week. I also started taking new meds for my a fib and haven’t had anymore ill feelings in the chest, a little pain today but nothing I haven’t felt before.
    My therapist has moved me to being seen every two weeks now..
  • Happy Monday, @WonderingOne! I'm really happy to hear that your a-fib isn't bothering you. I hope the new meds keep you symptom-free. My a-fib was controlled by meds for 20+ years. Then they decided to stop working. That was about 3 years ago, and I had a catheter ablation done. No symptoms since then. And I'm not on anything but a daily baby aspirin. Please keep taking good care of yourself. You deserve it!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!
  • @WonderingOne great that your wife is in good spirit! and that you're on some good medication that is helping. i know that makes you feel better.... no one wants to worry about their heart :)

    hope your therapy time is going well.... :)

    and, i hope this week is a good week for you.
  • @WonderingOne... Have you had any issues with posting to the forum lately? Just curious. Let us know. Happy Tuesday!
  • @WonderingOne thinking of you today! sending positive vibes!
  • Doing good here so far. Working a lot of overtime and been busy with stuff after work. Getting my permit to drive truck tomorrow.. Working Saturday too... Therapy has been going good, out to two weeks now and still collecting info. My a fib has been doing ok, no hiccups lately but having some tightness in the chest over the last couple days..
  • Nice to hear things are going good, @WonderingOne. Sounds like you've been busy, but that's not a bad thing. Keep doing therapy and taking good care of your health. It will all pay off in the end.

    Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!
  • Gotta work overtime tomorrow.. 8 hours and out a 1:30pm. Had a couple flutters today but hardly noticeable. Doctor appointment on Monday to follow up on meds for that. Then there will be another test to check something else, forget what they said it was.. Recovery meeting and therapy on Tuesday this week..
  • Glad you're keeping a close watch on your a-fib, @WonderingOne. Hope your long day at work today is uneventful. Keep working on you!
  • @WonderingOne Sounds like a good week planned. You're taking care of you...and that's great. I hope you have a blessed week and I speak peace, health, harmony, and joy to your heart :)
  • Happy Monday, @WonderingOne. Keep taking things a day at a time and have a great week!
  • @WonderingOne i think about your username...

    you are wondering on a better path now...and that's great!!

    i hope you're doing alright. always know we are here to listen and support you however we can.
  • Oops. Back to not seeing messages @dominica
    Doing good here, rough day with my wife. Not to bad though. I know there are gonna be up and down days...
  • @WonderingOne... Ugh. Sorry about not being able to see posts. And sorry you had a rough day with your wife. You're right: There are going to be ups and downs. That's life in general. Just try your best to stay on an even keel and roll with the flow, my friend.
  • @WonderingOne ah, darn about not seeing messages!! and, yeah rough days with spouses.... errrr, not fun. we've all been there.... they pass. keep working on you... keep believing for change...for better things...and know we are here.
  • Had a day of moody yesterday. She kept saying snide remarks about people not paying attention to what needs to be done. Knowing they were aimed at me. I just got up and walked out of the house. Getting tired of hearing how bad her life is and how much she goes through. Like I don’t? But I can’t say anything, I can’t have any problems or aches and pains as robots aren’t supposed to feel ya know! Things hopefully better change soon as I’m about done dealing with it.. I’m back to walking on egg shells again, having to be ready to jump when she walks in the room. I hate living like that!!
  • I'm sorry you're having to walk on egg shells again, @WonderingOne. That's no fun. But I admire you for walking away from the situation yesterday. Better to do that than to say something you might regret, or something that might make everything worse. Just keep working on you and remember that you can't change the way another person acts or feels. Only they can do that.

    I hope you're having an alright Monday, and I hope you have a good week.
  • Thanks @DeanD! Today is better, seems like after we blow up it eases things. Maybe I’m just wishing, who knows. I keep taking two steps forward and about six back everyday and don’t seem to get anywhere. I know it’ll take time, a lot of time to heal and get past!
    Having an echocardiogram done on Monday, still having chest pains and crap... I don’t know, maybe be better to send me out to pasture and lock the gate! Lol
  • You may not realize it, @WonderingOne, but you ARE getting somewhere. You're moving forward, even if it's slowly. Change doesn't happen as quickly as we'd like, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Just keep focusing on becoming a better you, and maybe try to take two steps forward and only five back. ;)
    Sorry you're still having chest pains. It's good that you're getting checked out, though. Best of luck to you on your echocardiogram. I am not ready to send you out to pasture just yet, my friend! :)
  • @WonderingOne sorry about your bad day... i'm sure it does get tiring having to walk on egg shells. been there; no fun.

    keep working on you.

    wondering besides therapy, are you reading anything good? inspiring? watching anything that can help you in your recovery? just wondered. daily doses of good stuff can help :)
  • No pasture for me yet @DeanD? Oh ok! Lol

    @dominica, not reading to much. Some days it’s hard to stay positive with the negativity around here but I do try! Do you suggest anything?
  • @WonderingOne i think it depends on what kind of reading you would enjoy... fiction? non-fiction? what kind of book would get you excited about reading it? something to help you with emotional healing? addiction recovery? i'd say get on amazon and start doing a bit of homework and see what books resonate with you....

  • Got it! Didn’t know if you had a certain book in mind.. lol
    I do a lot of reading of Stephen King, I know that may not be the type of book for healing!? That or my archaeology books!? Yeah, I’m a stone geek
  • Nothing wrong with loving Stephen King and archaeology, @WonderingOne. Sometimes just immersing yourself in something--anything--can help you heal.

    Happy Monday! Have a fantastic week!

    P.S. Have you seen the new Pet Semetary movie yet???
  • Haven’t seen the new one, will have to see if library has it! I also have been into my model cars a lot lately. Been tinkering with them when I have time.
  • @WonderingOne Stephen King books are definitely good!! Model cars sound fun!!

    Whatever brings you passion....good feelings... (and is healthy), immerse yourself in that!! maybe there is a group meetup in your community for something you are interested in??? a book club. model car club. stone geek club ;)

    might be fun to meet up with others with similar interests!
  • Hmmm? Not showing messages again. Not sure why..
  • Not showing my reply to @DeanD either
  • Sorry about the technical glitches, @WonderingOne. I have notified the powers-that-be. Hope you have a great day.
  • Koolness! Didn’t see the one from @dominica
    Doing ok here I guess. Still touch and go, therapy and meetings are helping. That and just not wanting to go through this again is giving me the will power to not think about it! The porn that is!!
  • Keep doing the therapy and meetings, @WonderingOne. I'm glad they're helping.

    Happy Friday! Have a great day and weekend!
  • Hopefully something good comes out of my life! From the front seat on this roller coaster ide I’m on now I don’t see anything...
  • Even when you're in the front row of a roller coaster and can't see anything, things change, @WonderingOne. The ride will continue and you will see things again. Good things. And they will come into focus. Keep pressing on, my friend!
  • I’m trying to @DeanD, I’m stubborn on some things and don’t t give up to easily. I know I get frustrated and stressed out on it and that’s going to happen more and more. Therapy is helping but everything in day to day life pulls me back down.. I’ve made the comment to my therapist it’s almost like the world is trying to kick me out..
  • @WonderingOne the journey toward change and/or inner healing... it can be tough. it's hard work. for sure... but you're on the path and it does take time.

    joe dispenza talks about a 28 day challenge to re-inventing your day to day life. helped me make some changes... i tend to like sciency stuff and experiments though :)

    i hope you have a great day today!
  • With practice, you will learn to weather the storms of everyday life, @WonderingOne. Give yourself some time, and don't beat yourself up too bad. The world wants and needs you here!
  • Having a better week this week! Worked with my friend and we took a load down to Chicago on Saturday. I just have a bad day here and there!

    Now @dominica this is weird! I saw your post, really I did! Read it before logging on and as soon as I logged on........ *POOF* it was gone... Telling ya I don’t think the format here likes me! Lmbo
  • @WonderingOne oh wow! that is weird! i don't think the tech team has been able to figure it out.... darn!

    i'm glad you are doing better. a rough day here and there may be expected for now... but you're doing it!! chin up! look for the silver lining! be present! enjoy today and the progress you've made!

    you're doing it!
  • Glad you're having a better week this week, @WonderingOne. Be grateful for that. As far as having a bad day here and there...that sounds like life to me! ;)
    Hope the rest of your week is even better than the first part!
  • @WonderingOne hey there! hope you're doing alright. haven't heard from you and hoping everything is going smoothly.

    check in sometime.. we'd love to hear how you're doing... know that you're not alone!
  • Yes, definitely check in with us when you get a chance, @WonderingOne. We're here and we care about how you're doing!
  • Hello, having some good days and some not so good ones. Understandable why though! Doing outside work and other work as well, both factory and trucks. Still working on myself and still having set backs but I’m a stubborn ol’ fool so I keep my fore head in the wind! Hope you’re all having a good day @DeanD and @dominica
  • @WonderingOne hey you! thanks for checking in. i think we can all relate to good days and challenging days ;)

    glad to hear you are keeping on!! change is a process.... and remember, we are always here for you to lean on.

    have a great weekend!
  • Some good days, some not-so-good days. I can relate, @WonderingOne. Just try to have more good ones than bad. If you can do that, you're winning the game!

    Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend!
  • Doing good as I head into the weekend. Not driving tomorrow, weather is going to suck so my other boss said he’s not Trucking 55,000 lbs of concrete in snow. Can’t blame him!

    Had my Echo done and got my monitor for 15 days today! Still no clue as to why but I’m hoping for an answer someday!
  • @WonderingOne... How was your weekend, my friend? Glad you didn't have to drive all that concrete in the snow. Happy Monday and best wishes for a most excellent week! :)
  • Weekend was good. My wife seems to be in better spirits as of late.. I know it’ll still be a long time before things are really good if they ever are.
    Have my therapy meeting tomorrow after work.
  • @WonderingOne hey you! glad you had a good weekend! and that your wife is in better spirits. that helps!

    hope your counseling session goes great... really happy you're doing this for yourself... you're making the effort and that will pay off.... :)

    thanks for the update!
  • Excellent update, @WonderingOne! Hope your therapy appointment is helpful today. Keep working on you, my friend. You're doing a terrific job! :sunglasses:
  • @WonderingOne hoping you had a good weekend. and hope that therapy went well!

    here if you need!
  • Let us know how you're doing, @WonderingOne. Happy Monday to you!
  • Had a good weekend, neighbor kids were all over playing on the swing sets and shooting hoops. I cleaned out both cars yesterday and my wife did some yard work while kids played.
  • Sounds like a good one, @WonderingOne. Glad to hear it! Have a great week, my brother!
  • Well until today, came home and all heck is breaking loose
  • We're here if you need to talk or vent, @WonderingOne. Sorry things started going off track yesterday. Let us know if we can help.
  • It’s getting hard keeping the strength up and deal with stuff! I try to do what I think is right and it always ends up the opposite in her eyes. Just sucks to have a great weekend and have the end of it be a argument! Story of my life I guess, every time I try and have fun and laugh something always brings it to a halt!!
  • Ya gotta just keep trying, @WonderingOne. And instead of arguing, try convincing your wife to sit down and have a (relatively) quiet discussion. That's the best advice I have for you. I know it's frustrating, but don't give up.
  • @WonderingOne arguing does stink. i try to avoid it at all costs ;)

    for me, when i feel "triggered" and an argument could ensue, i'll do my very best to remember that this is an opportunity for both parties to learn a lesson...or heal an emotional wound... i agree with dean that sitting down to discuss (even if it's later when tension has died down) can help.

    i had to go to therapy to learn how to resolve therapy in a relationship. that's not easy to admit, but it's true. i would get triggered and revert back to immature emotinonal behavior (shutting down, leaving, etc.) it helped! maybe this is something you can work on in therapy?

    you can come here and vent for sure.... we will listen, and we are believing the best for you and your relationship.
  • Thank you @DeanD and @dominica, I try to stay calm and talk until she starts putting me down and talking to me like a two year old. Then she starts to yell and I’m off and gone. My anger flares and I blow, not bad but more than I want to. I’m usually a quiet calm mannered guy but damn anymore my anxiety and anger are right about there and it doesn’t take much to set me off.
    My therapist says he knows I’d lime to be at the point I’m back to my old self again, it’s just going to take awhile. I told him I hear him saying it and someone needs to put her negative comments and behavior to rest before I can calm down. She gets miffed and throws and breaks stuff, I’m to the point I will never buy her a watch again as two weeks after I bought a $150.00 watch for a Christmas gift she tossed it on the counter after getting mad and knocked the hands off of it and cracked the crystal!
    She’s in an ok mood now but I know by the end of the weekend we’ll have another spat! Can’t wait
  • Insert sarcasm here by the way...
  • @WonderingOne Sorry for not checking in for quite a while. I'm glad to hear that you're keeping it together day-to-day.
    I may have missed it in either of the threads, but is your wife seeking any one-on-one counseling? After catching you looking at a rather taboo genre of porn, it sounds like she's going through what's called betrayal trauma. She's angry and sad and doesn't seem to have an outlet, aside from you, to let things loose. She needs a healthier way to work through this than to yell at you.
    There may even be things from her past that this situation is dredging up you have no idea about. Talking to a professional guide is only going to help her sort through things.
    I've written a book with a therapist out of California that's in the editing stage with the publisher right now. It's specifically geared toward the female partner of male porn addicts. I know that you've been on the fence about the addict label, but it's really beside the point.
    In talking to a lot of women who have been through this -- including my wife -- I really urge you to not escalate things by raising your voice. If she's talking to you like you're a two-year-old, it's because she believes you showed the judgment of a two-year-old when you chose to look at the porn. You may have a counterargument here, but it doesn't really matter. She has to be allowed to have her reaction, however harsh and however long it takes.
    Like it or not, you were not in a healthy mindset when you were you choosing to look at that particular genre of porn. Now is her turn to not be in a healthy mindset while she processes it. The more conflict and roadblocks you throw in her way, the longer it's going to take to get through it.
    You need to allow her to have her reaction, even if it lasts until 2023. If she can get into therapy, you'll probably see faster healing, but don't lose sight of the fact that she's having her reaction to what you did, not the other way around.
  • Hello @JoshuaShea, she is seeking therapy with the group at the same place I am in the idea we come together for couples counseling later.
    I hear what you’re saying, it’s hard to keep my composure sometimes. Like today I’m not sure what I did but she stormed out of the house. My daughter and I were working on puzzles and we were going to take my wife out for lunch for mother’s day and she didn’t feel like going out so we stayed home.
  • @WonderingOne Hey there. I am sure that it can get frustrating having to deal with the way she is reacting. I believe Joshua has given some great insight though. The truth is that it's going to take time and you both have opportunity to learn valuable lessons during this time. About yourself and about others and about relationships. I hope that you both continue with individual counseling and then eventually come together in couples counseling. I think the couples counseling will help a lot.

    I know this might sound very cliche, but try not to take her reaction personal. She is hurting and amidst that pain, she is pissed. Hopefully she will work on this in therapy. this doesn't mean you should accept verbal abuse... if it were me, and verbal abuse was occurring, i'd sit and have a conversation about it. (first, with my therapist).....

    I'm glad that you can come here and vent. We are certainly rooting for you and your relationship, for healing and forgiveness.
  • @WonderingOne... I think @JoshuaShea's words are spot-on. I also think your wife may be in need of some anger management help. If she's throwing things and breaking things...well, that's not really a normal way to express anger. I think it's best for you to just walk away when she gets like that.

    You're in a tough situation, for sure. But I want you to know that I admire you for how you're handling it. Keep being the best "you" you can be. Always remember that you are the only person you have complete control over. Don't let your wife suck you in to behaving like her.

    Here's hoping you have a good Monday. Sending positive energy your way, my friend. Be strong!
  • She’s doing better today and I know it’s a wave for her to deal with, anger, hurt etc. My therapist thinks that her worry of everything is what is possibly leading to her anxiety. Along with anger. I know I deal with anger, anxiety, depression with everything I’ve been dealing with.. My therapist thinks I’m doing a decent job of keeping things going in a good way even if it blows up here and there..
    I agree @DeanD that @JoshuaShea is spot on and hopefully she can get some help through all of this and we come out on a better side of life!!
  • Glad your wife was doing better yesterday, @WonderingOne. Yeah, she has a lot to deal with. But that doesn't really give her an excuse to go off on you, throw stuff, etc. I may have asked you this before, but I don't remember...Is your wife in therapy, too?
  • @WonderingOne hey there! hope you had a good week and that your weekend goes well!!
  • Hey, @WonderingOne... How was your weekend?
  • My wife is in therapy as well yes...
    Weekend went well, I was at work most of it! Argh lol.... Doing good lately though..
  • @WonderingOne glad your wife is in therapy and that the weekend went well! i hope you were able to find some joy even though you were at work :)

    have a great wednesday!
  • Continuing to send you positive juju in abundant quantities, @WonderingOne. Happy Hump Day!
  • Bout time, Friday can’t get here soon enough!! 10 days in a row so far... Doing good so far here. Still working on improving too!!
  • @WonderingOne 10 day is enough!! wow!

    i hope your weekend is wonderful. do you have a long weekend?
  • @WonderingOne... I hope you get to enjoy a restful Memorial Day weekend.
  • Thanks @DeanD and @dominica, weekend is here finally!! Ugh what a stretch... Hanging out at home setting up for a rummage sale next weekend. Sorting through stuff too!
    My friend that I drive with is out of town this weekend or I would of been working with him today. He and his wife went away til Monday!
    Monday we’ll go see the parade here in town, our daughter may be in it with the dance studio!
  • @WonderingOne i hope your weekend went well and that the parade goes well today too! :)
  • Parade was quick and short but good. My daughter and father in law went. My wife stayed home as we’re getting ready for a rummage sale next weekend!
  • @WonderingOne glad to hear the parade was good! i hope things have been better between you and your wife... and i hope this week is wonderful!!

    you are getting some good stuff from your counseling sessions? do you go once a week or bi-weekly?
  • Happy Tuesday, @WonderingOne. Hope the rest of your weekend was as good as the parade. Wishing you the best this week!
  • Well @dominica right now I haven’t been there in two weeks and looks like it’ll be another two before I can. If all goes well.. last two he was on vacation and the next two I’m working ten hour days for the next two weeks possibly more.. Where I work they have the right to put mandatory overtime on us and they did. If we miss it we get a point. Next Thursday I’ll be missing it as that’s my daughter l’s first of three dance recitals and we’re in it for Daddy/Daughter dance. There are about 40 dad and daughter combos and trips in the dance groups.. They split both groups between two different days so it’ll be about 20 in each group dance! My daughter loves dance and is in four other dance sessions and recitals!
  • @WonderingOne sorry about the long hours at work... grace be with you on that end....but that's great about your daughter and the dance. the daddy/daughter dance will make such a great memory print on both of you! how special!!

  • Hang in there, @WonderingOne. I know the overtime is mandatory, but remember: your health and well-being are incredibly important, too.

    Sending you lots of energy and good vibes.
  • Thanks to you both. I’m wore out already... lol too old for this work stuff!! Lmbo
    Yes she will remember the dances for a long time! Hopefully the rest of her life! This will be the fourth year we’ve done the daddy/Daughter dances... Not to mention I have fun too! No! I don’t wear a tu tu!!!
  • @WonderingOne i imagine she wouldn't let you wear a tu tu lol!!

    i bet you are worn out. i pray for endurance and stamina for you!!!

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