Why You Should Choose Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

You might wonder why you should subject yourself to inpatient alcohol rehab if it means giving up your life for a while. Some patients are enrolled for 30 days, while others may spend up to 90 days in rehab. That might sound like an awfully long time to give up everything else in your life, but when it means the difference between life and death, the choice is quite simple.

Inpatient alcohol rehab has been proven to be successful in many studies. Not only do they allow you to focus on your treatment 24/7, but they provide you with around the clock access to medical attention, should it be necessary. This is the most crucial during the first few days when you are going through the detox period of rehab. Your body and organs will essentially go into a state of shock, which may require some medical assistance to ensure your safety during the process.

Once you are through the detox period of rehab, your mind will take much longer to recover. Detox can last up to 7 days in some cases, whereas the mental aspect of rehab can take months. Different inpatient centers offer different methods of overcoming this part of addiction; a few options include group therapy, individual counseling, alternative treatments and lifestyle activities. Regardless of the method of treatment that you choose, the most important thing is that you stay at inpatient treatment center and get the help you need. What do you think about inpatient rehab? Did you try it?


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  • I never tried inpatient rehab. Perhaps, my habit wasn't that big. But I agree in principle for any chronic and severe addiction, a rehab is the best place to be in. Most people experience symptoms like irritability, violent tendencies, constant anger, negativity and so on. All these symptoms can be treated plus the active monitoring of vital body parameters like pulse and blood pressure can be done at a rehab. 

    You get to receive cognitive therapy, counselling, support and many other things all under one roof. It's the best place to be in if one wants to do away with nightmarish alcoholism. 
  • My father, who has been an alcoholic since I can remember, was sent to rehab by the company that he was working for. They told him that if he didn't get his act together, they would sack him. So he went to a beautiful rehab center in the mountains where he stayed for 8 weeks. He received drugs to help him deal with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and counseling. He was also encouraged to participate in gardening, cooking or helping in the onsite furniture factory. My father returned as a different man. He never touched alcohol again. The threat of losing his job was enough to get him sober for a a life time. 
  • An Inpatient Rehabilitation Center is designed for an addicted individual to check into the facility and stay there for the length of the program.

    I strongly believe that the Inpatient Rehab is an advantageous place with a beneficial program geared towards the betterment of an individual struggling with an addiction. The Inpatient Rehab provides focus as well as patience and assists in the emotional, physical and psychological progress of such person.

    I have never tried this treatment center or element for recovery but I would recommend it to anyone struggling with an addiction.
  • Great points brought up in this post. Around the clock attention whenever needed. That's a tremendous help for people.
  • I hadn't done inpatient treatment myself but I can absolutely understand the benefit of it. I think that rehab is the sole focus is incredibly important for many people - those outside distractions aren't present so you can truly immerse yourself in getting better.
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